Another chance to Learn & Win

New bonus quiz offers an additional prize!

Have you completed all of the Learn & Win quizzes? Want another chance to win? As a thank you to all active users of the Leisure & Lifestyle Resources site, this month, we’re introducing a 5-question bonus quiz. Score at least 80% and you’ll be entered to win an additional $200 Visa gift card!

The new quiz will include questions from any of the nationally-sold products and is open to all provinces. Only brokers who have completed all of their other quizzes will be eligible to win the bonus prize.

If you haven’t taken the other quizzes, it’s not too late to learn and win! You can access all learning modules in our Resource Centre. They’re available to complete until August 31, 2018. The regular monthly draws and the grand prize draw are awarded per province or territory.

Good luck!