Outdoorsy – RV sharing endorsement

RV-sharing insurance represents the height of innovation in the sharing economy

Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Outdoorsy and Aviva, there’s a safe, secure RV rental marketplace at the fingertips of Canadian adventurers. RV owners can now share their RVs with renters, knowing that they’re protected with market-leading insurance coverage.

When RV owners who have an RV insurance policy with Aviva Elite, they can add the RV rental network endorsement before listing on Outdoorsy so they and their renters are protected by coverage including:

  • $2 million third party liability
  • Standard accident benefits
  • $1,500 deductible and collision and comprehensive

Outdoorsy is renowned for features like stellar customer service, five-star ratings and reviews, bank-level secure online payments, optional roadside assistance and GPS tracking.

There’s never been a better time to for RV owners to recoup some of the cost of their RV and renters to explore the possibilities of RVing!