Product spotlight: Cottages

Help your customers prevent winter problems by keeping in touch with them with helpful tips when the sun is shining.

In peak cottage season it feels like summer will never end. Long, sunny days in the woods or on the water are refreshing for people who own seasonal properties.

It might seem like an unusual time to reach out to your customers about closing down their cottages in preparation for a harsh winter, but now is when people are more likely to consider their responsibilities to protect the place they love so much.

Here are a few things cottage owners can do now to prevent winter problems:

  • Create a checklist of what to do when it’s time to shut down. Water losses from frozen pipes are very common. Drain those pipes and shut off the water!
  • Find a local resident from the area and hire them to check on your cottage property during the winter months. This may help deter thefts and ensures any problems are identified sooner.
  • Take time to maintain your cottage during the summer by checking for cracks in the foundation, inspecting holes in window screens and addressing any electrical or plumbing issues.
  • Maintain your trees and surrounding landscaping. Many cottage owners claim damage from tree limbs that rot or break and fall through their roofs during winter storms.

Reassure customers by telling them about Aviva’s dedicated specialty claims team

When you reach out to your customers with a friendly reminder to keep their cottages in tip-top shape, let them know that should there be a problem, an expert team of Aviva claims advisors is on their side.

Our experts know cottage policies inside and out and they have the knowledge and authority to make decisions that ensure your customers get the care and attention they deserve. The Aviva Lifestyle claim promise includes: Your customers have a 24/7 direct line to dedicated Aviva Lifestyle experts who will get things started immediately. One point of contact will guide them from start to finish.


Aviva Lifestyle’s secondary or seasonal stand-alone cottage covers:

  • Island cottages
  • Cottages accessed by water
  • Log cabins
  • Rented cottages
  • Cottages with wet boathouses or additional waterfront property

Included in all policies:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost (secondary cottages only)
  • Single limit coverage
  • Docks hot tubs, bunkies and sheds
  • Rental coverage (30 days), with Fair Rental Value coverage
  • Damage caused by bears, raccoons and squirrels
  • Out of province or multiple ownership
  • 12 month policy term

Optional coverage enhancements:

  • Rental endorsement to extend the 30 day rental coverage up to 180 days
  • Septic and Sump Back-up
  • Increased premises liability limit
  • Wet boathouses
  • Additional waterfront locations not within the cottage premises


  • Centrally-monitored burglar alarm
  • Bundling home/auto and cottage
  • Claims-free
  • Centrally monitored heat sensor
  • If your customer is of mature age, 50 years of age or older
  • Power outage detection alarm
  • Water alarm


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