How much do you know about your collector car customers?

What do you know about your collector car customers? Build a rapport by understanding who they are, how they use their cars and what they care about.

Auto enthusiasts who own a collector vehicle are unique. Their passion, hobby and investment all roll up to a toy on four wheels.

In order to provide the best customer service possible, it’s helpful to understand the collector car driver demographic. Here are five interesting facts that may help you build a strong relationship:

  • The bulk of buyers used to be baby boomers, but recent U.S. Hagerty data shows that Gen Xers and millennials are seeking classic vehicle insurance quotes more often than baby boomers and pre-boomers.
  • Many collector car drivers are nostalgic for a simpler time. They often make purchasing decisions based on memories of what their father or grandfather drove.
  • Classic car drivers care about maintenance and doing right by their car.
  • Popular pastimes for classic car enthusiasts include attending car shows and participating in organized cruises.
  • Many owners look at their collector cars as investments, with each vehicle possessing it’s own unique story - along the same lines as art pieces.

Among the Aviva Lifestyle products we offer, collector cars is among the leading categories made up of passionate customers. Classic cars are more than just a vehicle to them; they are a prized possession.

When offering the benefits of the program, it’s helpful to point out that our dedicated claims experts are enthusiasts too. They know the policy coverages and settlement options and they have the authority to make decisions to ensure that your customers get the care and attention they deserve.

We offer stand-alone policies with market leading coverages with optional coverages designed to reflect the ownership and use of the vehicle such as Value Added and Cherished Salvage ® endorsements.


Through our exclusive partnership with Hagerty® we offer market-leading coverage for your prized vehicles:

  • Antique cars
  • Classics cars
  • Exotic cars
  • Special interest cars, including 90’s and newer enthusiast vehicles
  • Custom cars
  • Military vehicles
  • Street rods
  • Modified vehicles

Types of policies available

Hagerty ® Guaranteed Value ™ coverage

Hassle-free coverage that pays the value agreed on in the dec page stated in the policy, with no depreciation, guaranteed.

Coverage that’s included for with our collector car policy:

  • Standard auto policy (excess policy in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
  • Automatic new ride vehicle coverage endorsement
  • Leisure use such as parades, classic car events and occasional pleasure drive anytime cross Canada and the U.S.

Optional coverages

Cherished Salvage® endorsement*

Get full Guaranteed Value and retain salvage rights to the vehicle in the event of a total loss

Vehicle under construction endorsement

Loss or damage to the vehicle while it is being restored or built new

Value added endorsement

A suite of enhanced coverages for high valued vehicles and collections, including automatic coverage for new collector vehicles, market value protection, spare parts coverage and more.

Evacuation expense coverage endorsement

Covers half of the cost to move the vehicle out of harm’s way due to a declared emergency like floods or wildfires


  • Claims free
  • Multiple vehicles
  • High-value collections
  • Anti-theft and storage discounts

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