Why have your boat inspected?

Your insurance company may require you to provide a marine inspection. The reason for this is simple: insurers want to be sure that boats meet the standards in effect in Quebec and avoid unfortunate accidents. Did you know that an inspection can have many benefits for you? Here are some of them.


Preventing hazards

A marine surveyor can identify hard to detect issues that could put your life, or those of others in danger. This includes inadequate ventilation of motors, poorly protected batteries, dangerous electrical entrances or propane stoves, water infiltration, etc.


Specific recommendations

Since the marine inspection must be carried out in accordance with the standards of the National Fire Protection Association and the American Boat and Yacht Council, certain information must be provided, including the condition of the vessel, its detailed description and auxiliary equipment.


Photos and, if necessary, a list of modifications to be made before and within one year of launching, as well as cosmetic recommendations, generally accompany the inspection report. A section is also provided for the evaluation of the boat, based on its market value at the time of inspection.


Always compliant

The standards for pleasure craft may change regularly. It's hard to stay up to date! That's why an expert can tell you what you need to do to keep your boat in order.


You have everything to gain

Consulting a marine expert can prevent you from facing unfortunate situations and allow you to sail with peace of mind. Does your insurance company require marine expertise? Make sure that the expert who will perform the inspection is accredited. Finally, ensure that you’re at the inspection. This will allow you to ask questions and answer any questions the expert may have.



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