How to collect rainwater

Severe weather is causing droughts and putting pressure on freshwater resources in many municipalities around Canada. Considering the continually increasing costs of water, using a rain barrel is a great way to collect and conserve water to meet some of your water needs while minimizing freshwater use, and it’s simple too.


  1. Select a rain barrel that meets your needs. A 200-gallon drum works well. Another option is a large capacity tank that you can bury, however this may require a permit.
  2. Choose one that’s dark and well sealed to keep out bugs that are attracted to still water. If you have children at home, make sure it is also childproof.
  3. Install rain gutter filters to separate leaves and debris from the water as it flows. These low-cost screens are available in most major hardware stores.
  4. Connect the gutter downspout to your vessel and voila! Your rainwater collection system is complete.

Most rain barrels will have a valve or spigot where you can attach a garden hose for easy access to make watering your garden and washing your car a breeze.