Games to play on your family road trip

Being stuck in a car for hours at a time can make even the most patient kids restless. Keep them engaged and off of their electronics with these tried and true classic road trip games.

  1. License Plate Game - simple and fun, the objective of the game is to spot a license plate from every province and territory or state. The first person to find them all wins! 
  2. Magnetic Travel Games – many of your favorite games now come in travel sizes! From card games to board games, these can provide hours of fun.
  3. The Alphabet Game - take turns naming words that start with each letter of the alphabet, reciting every word that came before yours. A great way to flex those memory muscles! 
  4. Scavenger Hunt - this one takes a little bit of preparation. Before you head out, make a list of objects for your kids to spot on the journey and make a checklist for them to keep track. 
  5. 20 Questions – One person thinks of something, and everyone else has 20 yes or no questions to try to guess what it is. If someone guesses correctly before the 20th question, that person is the winner and goes next. If no one figures it out the original person has won and goes again.

Happy adventuring!