At-fault or Not-at-fault claim: the impact on your insurance premium

You know that your insurance premium will go up after an at-fault claim. What you may not be aware of is that there are unique situations in which your premium may be affected even if you’re not to blame for the damage or property loss.

This may happen in case of theft, vandalism, glass breakage or a hit and run, ie, when there is no opportunity to claim against the other party’s insurance policy. If the damage is minor, such as a broken side mirror, a shattered window or cosmetic body damage, it may be more cost effective to repair it without involving the insurance provider, depending on the cost of the deductible as well as the potential rise in the insurance premium.


One way to safeguard against this is with Claim Protector coverage. With this coverage, whether it’s an at-fault or no-fault claim, your premium won’t increase for six years. And, you can choose to protect one claim or two claims. However, this endorsement doesn’t protect your premium against any other increases such as rate changes that may impact your premium.


Speak to your insurance broker to see if you qualify for this coverage.




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