Is your boat damaged?

Don’t waste any time?

Darn it! The season’s only just begun and already your boat is damaged. It doesn’t matter what was to blame—a fender-bender on the water, an act of vandalism or a hungry rodent—it’s important to contact your broker right away.

Many insureds leave it too long before reporting damage to their boat because they don’t want to cut their season short. This kind of carelessness only makes the situation worse, though, and ultimately adds to the repair time and cost. For example, if you put off repairing the lower unit (foot) of your outboard motor or a propeller, this will put stress on the motor itself and risk damaging the whole unit. Especially as a lower unit can be repaired quite quickly, it’s not a risk worth taking.

And don’t forget, you can help make sure the claim process goes smoothly by having all the relevant documents to hand, such as your insurance policy and licence or registration certificate.