An electronic insurance policy? Oh yeah!

Today, it’s normal for you to do most of your transactions electronically. So, why not an electronic insurance policy?

In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, specifically by reducing paper consumption, Aviva would like to replace your paper insurance documents with electronic versions that will be emailed to you.

To do this, we need your consent, whereby you authorize Aviva and its affiliates to send your insurance documents to you by email. It goes without saying that the electronic versions have the same legal value and contain the same protection and coverage as the paper version.

Want to help us reduce paper consumption? Give us your consent* by clicking here.


Don’t want to receive an electronic version? You don’t have to do anything. We will continue to send you paper-based insurance documents by mail. If you change your mind, simply contact us.


Any questions? Contact us, any time.


Saving the planet is everyone's business!



*By choosing to only receive your documents electronically, you will receive your insurance documents in digital format and you will be able to download them from any computer or mobile device. Your consent will remain valid for as long as you are a client of ours and it can be withdrawn anytime.