Surtax on American boats: good news

Good news for the boating industry! The Alliance de l'industrie nautique du Québec announced that the Government of Canada, by approving the "Order Amending the Order Imposing a Surtax in the United States (Other Goods)", has ended the 10% surtax applicable to American pleasure craft entering Canada since April 30, 2019. This surtax was implemented in response to section 232 of the United States Trade Expansion Act on steel and aluminum.


Which boats are affected?

The following boats are no longer subject to the surcharge:

  • Yachts and other boats, pleasure or sports boats, rowing boats and canoes. 
  • Vessels imported after April 30, 2019 and vessels with the following tariff:
    • 8903.10.00
    • 8903.91.00
    • 8903.92.00
    • 8903.99.90


A collective victory

The government has finally heard the requests of the recreational boating industry. It has done everything possible to make people understand the consequences of such a surtax for small entrepreneurs in the industry.


It should be noted that at this time, the government will not provide any discounts or refunds for surcharges paid before April 30, 2019.



Suppression des mesures tarifaires applicables sur les embarcations américaines (French only)



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