Martinique: an island to discover

The island of flowers, the flower of the Caribbean, Matinik... no matter what we call it, Martinique knows how to attract visitors with all the possibilities it offers. Located in the volcanic arc of the Lesser Antilles, the island offers attractions for all lovers of idyllic beaches, and others who are searching for a change of scenery.


The weather is mild in Martinique and with an average temperature of 26o celsius, it is never too hot, especially with the trade winds cooling it down. Tropical forests, savannahs, fruit trees, diversified flora... the island makes us discover a real plant treasure. There are some animals, fish and crustaceans and reptiles.


Wonders, from the north to the south

There is no shortage of places to explore all the beauties and magnificent landscapes of Martinique. And it is the perfect place for sailors, with its magical landscapes and perfect weather conditions. In addition, many anchorages have pontoons to facilitate landing.


To the north: villages and mountains

The highest point in Martinique, Mount Pelée is a must with its many hiking trails and inviting nature. Once at the top, your efforts will be rewarded with an incredible view! With its black sandy beaches, Saint-Pierre and its many activities: visit Le Cachot de Cyparis (the dungeon of Cyparis), the volcanological museum and the Earth Sciences Discovery Centre. Also take the opportunity to visit the Depaz rum distillery, whose property is located on a mountainside. In Grand'Rivière, the northernmost fishing town on the island, go for a walk in the small alleys. A worthwhile getaway!


In the centre: between nature and culture

The large market, Fort Saint-Louis, the church and the garden of Balata... Fort-de-France and its surroundings will make you want to stroll for days. At the market, meet the locals by discovering new spices, fruits and fresh vegetables. Take the opportunity to taste one of the local specialities: mixed rums. Coconut, passion fruit, mango, mint and many other fruits are mixed with spices, all with a good dose of Martinican rum, for which it is famous.  Don't miss the Schoeler Library, one of the most beautiful buildings in Fort-de-France and a jewel of wood, wrought iron and concrete architecture.


Do you like hiking? The Absalon circuit is a path accessible to everyone that connects Didier's Fountain and Absalon Spa. If you prefer the beaches, the beaches of La Batelière and Anse Madame are a must.


To the south: dream beaches

Whether it is the beach of Les Salines in Sainte-Anne, or Anse Dufour, the beaches of southern Martinique have one thing in common: white sand, transparent waters and a year-round holiday atmosphere. For those who want to have fun in the water, there are plenty of activities to do: surfing and kitesurfing on the Atlantic coast. The surroundings will also delight paddling, kayaking and jet skiing enthusiasts. Are you a diving enthusiast? At the foot of Diamond Rock is one of the most beautiful sites in the Caribbean. Finally, on land, there are magnificent forests to the south, such as the Vatable forest in Les Trois-Rivières and the Montravail forest in Sainte-Luce.


When to visit

The dry season runs from December to April. To enjoy better prices and a still very favourable weather, go there just before Christmas or just after the dry season, in early May. As for the crowds, September and October are calmer periods. Enjoy your stay!



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