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We insure over 2.1 million vehicles across Canada

Whether you’re on vacation or travelling with your unit full time, we have you covered with insurance for all types of campers. Recreational Trailer insurance is available exclusively through Insurance Brokers. 

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Optional coverages

Need enhanced trailer insurance coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons:

To learn more about these options contact your insurance representative.

ERS Elite *

All the benefits of the basic program, plus increased towing, trip planning, travel and emergency medical advice, and pet assistance

*Not available in all provinces.

Outdoorsy RV-sharing network access*

Get no-charge access to the Outdoorsy RV-sharing platform and rent out your unit with insurance coverage included.

*Only available in Ontario at this time.

Full timers package

For those who travel with their trailer full time, this package includes optional comprehensive Personal Liability coverage.

Premises Liability

Helps protect you from legal action related to injury or property damage while you’re using your trailer.

The trailer insurance you need

With Aviva's recreational trailer insurance, you'll get:

Free emergency roadside service*

It’s just a phone call away if you’re stuck at the side of the road.

*Not available in all provinces. 

More than the standard industry coverage

In addition to your trailer, you can get coverage for contents and items normally on your campsite.

Disappearing deductible

There’s no up-front deductible to pay at all after five claims-free years in a row.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on recreational trailer insurance

What is different about a trailer insurance policy that I wouldn't get with my regular home insurance?

As the country's largest insurer of recreational vehicles, we've been protecting Canadian fun for more than 60 years.  So we get what's uniquely important to your lifestyle, and design coverage that takes care of all the details - so you can just relax and enjoy life.

How much will you pay for my trailer if it has to be replaced in a claim?

You can get the cost of a brand-new model (even if it costs more than the policy limit) with Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage. 

I live in my trailer year-round. Am I covered while I'm away from the trailer?

If you travel with your unit full time, you can get comprehensive Personal Liability to protect you on day trips away from the trailer. You can also add up to $5 million Premises Liability, which helps protect you from legal action related to injury or property damage while you're using the trailer.

Does my trailer insurance policy cover my belongings inside the trailer and other buildings and equipment around the trailer, or just the trailer itself?

You get more than the standard industry coverage all included for your trailer and its usual contents, for golf carts, and for detached private structures like sheds and decks. 

I have financing on my trailer. If I have to replace it in a claim and interest rates go up, will I have to pay the extra interest?

All of our policies for recreational and park model trailers include no-charge Interested Party Rate Protector, which covers any extra costs to refinance the property if interest rates go up.

How does this insurance cover me if my vehicle breaks down while travelling?

Free emergency roadside service is just a phone call away if you're stuck at the side of the road, and you can upgrade if you'd like to get a more extensive suite of services. If a road trip runs into trouble, we’ll help cover travel expenses to help you get home or back on the road. 

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