Welcome to the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator Program

Person biking down a modern road

We’re making safe roads a reality in Canada.

Improving road safety in Canada

Take Back Our Roads was started because we think everyone has a right to safer roads, no matter how they get around. We’re working toward this goal to help protect Canadian drivers, pedestrians and cyclists from the thousands of injuries and collisions on our roads each year. We feel we have the data and resources to make real changes in this space, which is why we teamed up with Highline Beta. They’ve helped us find the right innovators to take on this problem.

Joining forces with Highline Beta

To kick off our partnership with Highline Beta, we searched North America for the most forward-thinking startups who were tackling road safety issues in an innovative way. It was important that we had variety in the startups, so that we could solve a number of different road-safety issues. Our search ended with three startups who were experts in areas like traffic and congestion, imminent crashes, and distracted driving.

Using innovation for safer roads

For this program, we’ll be piloting the technology of MicroTraffic, PreAct Technologies and LifeSaver Mobile to help them develop their solutions even further. Being an insurance company, we have access to a breadth of insurance data that can help to uncover opportunities for action.

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