Investing in innovation to make roads safer


Over 80% of the Canadian population lives in urban areas (Stats Can) and approximately 156,000 people are killed or seriously injured on our roads annually, making road safety a growing issue (Transport Canada).

Through a challenge-based accelerator, in which a specific challenge to tackle an identified issue is posed, Aviva and Highline Beta will identify, recruit and help scale innovative startups that have proven potential to improve road safety through advanced technologies and products.

The power of challenge-based accelerators.

Challenge-based accelerator programs are changing the way we solve problems globally. For example, one of the goals out of the 100+ Accelerator, supported by Highline Beta, is to lift 100 million people out of extreme poverty by the end of 2023.

These accelerators are a great avenue for organizations looking to collaborate and help solve important social issues with unique solutions.

Introducing the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator.

The Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator will create a new opportunity to address road safety, mobility and smart city challenges and design solutions that can be replicated around the world.

As a founding partner of the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator, Aviva Canada is proud to support a global innovation program that makes corporate startup and community collaboration work through a framework of:

  1. Collective action – none of the world’s challenges can be solved by any one person or company alone. This Accelerator seeks to bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, corporations and governments from across Canada to attract, scale and pilot new solutions.

  2. Global challenges, local solutions – the challenges facing the world are becoming more complex and varied from region to region. Over the next three years, Aviva Canada will launch annual challenges through the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator, aimed to materially impact road safety outcomes in Canadian communities.

  3. Driving solutions globally – following a successful run in Canada, this program can be leveraged across the United States and even the global startup community in order to drive results for new challenges.

Aviva Canada will work with Highline Beta to partner with innovative startups to develop solutions that deliver exceptional value to Canadians and Canadian road users. Through our partnership, we will be supporting the thriving tech ecosystem in Canada by helping startups scale while also tackling the pressing issue of road safety.

“Collaboration is the best approach to creating safer and more connected cities across Canada. No one company or organization can solve today’s road safety and mobility challenges alone. We’re excited to launch with Aviva onboard.” - Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner, Highline Beta

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