Corporate Responsibility

We believe that being a good Canadian business means being a good citizen, too.

At the heart of our corporate responsibility strategy, our vision is to:   

  • create positive social change    
  • have an impact on critical issues
  • engage our employees and brokers

Celebrating 10 years of the Aviva Community Fund

Thank you Canada

The Aviva Community Fund has funded over $9.5 million in local projects and supported over 400 charities and community groups across Canada.

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Aviva Community Fund

Aviva invests in positive change through the Aviva Community Fund. Over the past ten years, the Aviva Community Fund has awarded over $9.5 million to more than 400 communities coast to coast.

This world-class online competition which started in Canada is fast becoming a global Aviva initiative with versions in the UK, Vietnam, Italy, France and Poland.

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The Canadian Red Cross

As one of the leading insurers in Canada, we’ve seen the impact that severe weather and disasters have on our customers and communities. That’s why we were first insurance company to join as a national corporate partner of the Canadian Red Cross’ Ready When the Time Comes program – to be there for Canadians when they need us most. Through this program, we’re training our employees and brokers to mobilize when large-scale disasters strike in Canada. 

Also, as the founding Community Health & Wellness Corporate Partner, Aviva Canada’s support is instrumental in enabling the Red Cross to meet the growing health needs of Canadians across the country. Through this innovative partnership, senior citizens and vulnerable people living with illness or injury will have better access to essential community health services, harnessing the power of technology and volunteerism.

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My Community Fund

My Community Fund is and internal initiative that supports our employees and what matters most to them. Through this program, Aviva Canada corporately matches employees’ personal donations and gives them three paid days off each year to volunteer.