Corporate Responsibility

We believe that being a good Canadian business means being a good citizen, too.

As one of the country’s largest insurers, we take pride in being there for our customers in their time of need – and we’re equally proud of the support we deliver to the communities where we live and work.

We believe in building strong, safe and resilient communities. Our corporate responsibility approach strives to empower our employees, customers, brokers, investors and other stakeholders to take action in their local communities to create positive change, with our support.

Aviva Canada’s Social Impact Platform – Take Back our Roads

We’re on a mission to make safer roads a reality for all.

Trouble lingers whenever we start the car, stroll along the sidewalk, or cycle through our streets. We all know it’s there, yet we do little about it. But we can’t ignore it any longer. It’s time to rally together and do whatever it takes to make safer roads a reality. We’ve got the data, the people and the means to make a huge impact in our communities. Let’s take back our roads – for ourselves, our families and our neighbours.

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Our employees want to get involved and make a difference. With our AvivaGives volunteer and giving program, our people are inspired to give back to the causes that matter the most to them – from volunteering at their child’s school, to serving meals at a local shelter, to spending quality time with seniors, or donating to their favourite charity. Together, we are helping to make the world a better place.

AvivaGives supports employees by giving them time off to volunteer in their communities (3 days per year) and matching their personal donations (up to $300/year) to charities they care about.