Don’t leave purchasing home insurance to the last minute

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Aviva has teamed up with & to offer you home insurance that’s competitively priced and designed to fit your needs.

Your Aviva insurance* package includes: 

Standard Coverage
  • Your belongings
    The contents of your home 
  • Upgrades to your home
    such as new flooring or cabinetry 
  • Personal liability of at least $1 million
    includes bodily injury to you or an individual, lawsuits you may face in event of an accident, property damage due to negligence
  • Any assessments set by your condominium board
Optional Coverages
Identity theft
Coverage can include credit and debit card, lost income protection, legal fees and more  
Home-Based business
Inventory, computers, files and more
Special valuables 
Such as jewelry & collectables 



For property owners who share their homes through a rental network like AirBnB or VRBO

Here are the ways you can save with Aviva:

**Combined policy discount:

Save 15% on auto premium plus additional 15% on
your principal home premium. 

Disappearing deductible:

After five years without making a claim, your deductible could be $0.    

Mortgage-free discount:

No mortgage or secured line of credit on your home? You may qualify for this discount. 

Protect one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.

Don’t leave purchasing home insurance to the last minute.
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