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Water protection in Quebec

Protect your home and belongings from water damage

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Aviva’s water protection provides extensive coverage for your home and belongings.  Your home policy already covers you for certain basic water damage caused by issues like leaky plumbing, burst pipes, faulty washing machines and dishwashers. You can also buy extra coverage to ensure you have the protection you need. 

Additional water coverage

Need enhanced water coverage? Customize your property insurance policy with these add-ons.

Ground Water & Sewers


  • Coverage for damage caused by water that enters the home from ground level or below, like a sewer backup or a sump pump failure.
  • Any water damage from natural bodies of water that has entered your home and you don’t have Overflow from Lakes, Rivers & Streams coverage


Overflow from Lakes, Rivers & Streams

  • Coverage for damage caused by the overflow from natural bodies of water.
  • Flood (e.g., coastal flooding from salt water, such as tsunamis and tidal waves)

This optional coverage must be purchased together with Ground Water & Sewers.

Above Ground Water


  • Coverage for damage resulting from above-ground water, like heavy rain or melting snow that enters the home through the roof, walls, or building openings.

Water Service Pipe Endorsement

  • Coverage for the cost of replacement or repair of any part of your home due to breakage or malfunction of the water service pipe.
  • Doesn’t include the cost to repair or replace the water service pipe.

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