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Home Repair Assure covers the costs of parts, services and labour** to repair issues typically found in many Canadian homes.

Home Repair Assure


Your home has a number of systems that need to be maintained to keep it up-and-running. They all work in the background to keep our homes running smoothly. We don’t give them a lot of thought - until one of them stops working.

Home Repair Assure covers the costs of parts, services and labour** to repair issues typically found in many Canadian homes.

Types of repairs covered:

  • heating systems breakdown such as natural gas, electric heating equipment, hot water tanks and radiant floor heating
  • internal plumbing issues within your home’s foundation, walls or drainage 
  • electrical emergency and breakdown in your fuse box or circuit panel from lost power to a circuit or damage to wirings caused by a power being cut-off
  • internal gas supply leak in the gas supply pipe or in the hose connecting to a gas stove
  • security systems and roofing to secure your property or protect  it from further damage
  • pest removal for brown or black rats, squirrels or house or field mice in your home, and wasps’ or hornets’ nests anywhere on your property

If you have a repair concern, just call the toll-free number and we’ll set you up with a contractor or trade professional quickly.

Services you receive under this program won’t affect your claims history or claims-free discount and all work done is backed by a $1,000 workmanship guarantee†.

Home Repair Assure also gives you unlimited access to answers about repair issues in your home. For repairs not covered under this endorsement, our home repair referral program can help you find local trade professionals.

*The Home Repair Assure endorsement can be added to homeowners (primary and secondary) and condominiumpolicies underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, Traders General Insurance Company and Scottish &York Insurance Co. Limited in all provinces except Quebec, if eligibility requirements are met. In Quebec, it is available for homeowners (primary and secondary) and condominium policies underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada and Traders General Insurance Company, if eligibility requirements are met.

**Coverage for parts, services and labour up to $2,000 per claim, $5,000 aggregate per policy term.†Terms and conditions apply.

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