Drive for Dollars: How Hole-in-One insurance brings extra fun to a golf tournament

Golfer appearing elated getting a hole-in-one on a beautiful day at the course.

It’s a beautiful day at the course. Terry addresses the ball. It’s a lovely swing. It’s got the distance. But someone should have told him that the 12th hole wasn’t a dog-leg right. Because that’s where the ball is headed. If he managed a hole-in-one, he would have won a new car. Instead, he won a trip to the beach because his next shot will be from the sand trap.

Tee off on excitement

A great opportunity to bring a little pleasure to work, the annual ritual of the golf tournament presents a chance to show appreciation to staff, suppliers, and clients. On top of that, it makes for a fun day. It’s made more fun with the added excitement of a humungous prize for draining an ace…million-dollar kind of humongous. With hole-in-one insurance, sponsoring a golf tourney can make the day a lot more spicy.

How hole-in-one insurance works

It’s super simple. Golf tournament organizers or sponsors pick the prize amount, pay the premium, and if some lucky duffer happens to get a hole-in-one on the assigned hole, then the insurance company pays it out. So, organizers can bring the sizzle, without having to pay for the steak.

Not just a drive for dollars

The prize doesn’t have to be cash. It can be a car, a golf vacation to pebble beach, or even a tractor (if the tourney happens to be held in Brandon, Manitoba). Sponsors can be imaginative in picking the prize that best suits their business, organization, and golfers alike. If there’s a winner, the insurance company will cover the cost of the prize.

Jen steps up to the ball. The quiet is only interrupted by the gentle breeze. Will she join Terry on the beach, or will this drive lead her to driving away with a new car. It’s a beautiful swing and ball strike. She’s got the line. She’s got the distance. It takes a bounce of the green and then hits the pin…

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