Dream destination: Saguenay River

Breathtaking scenery abounds within the province and there is no shortage of spectacular water points and well-protected, secluded spaces. Some itineraries, however, deserve to be made known to one and all. This month, we were seduced by the charm of the Saguenay River.

Off to adventure!

The majestic Saguenay River finds its source in Lac Saint-Jean and flows all the way down to the Saint Lawrence. Its raw power and natural beauty are legendary. Numerous nautical clubs and marinas can be found along its path. The Saguenay fjord area is one of a kind in eastern North America and offers a multitude of exceptional outdoor activities: marine mammal watching, sea kayaking, fishing, hiking and much, much more…

Fascinating encounters

At the mouth of the fjord can be found the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park—a protected marine area world-renowned for marine mammal observation. Come witness its extraordinary richness, with over 1,600 wild species teeming in its waters; among which are beluga and blue whales, dolphins and porpoises, as well as seals and marine birds.

Explore villages along the fjord

Anse-Saint-Jean was founded in 1838 and boasts several architectural treasures, such as its covered bridge and its well-preserved period homes.

Sainte-Rose-du-Nord has not undeservingly earned its nickname of “pearl of the fjord.” There, one can discover spectacular viewpoints and landscapes of unparalleled beauty. Pleasure boaters can stay the night thanks to the addition of new wharves.

Sacré-Coeur is a must-see stopover for anyone interested in salmon fishing. And keep your eyes peeled along the way as belugas daily navigate up and down the waters of the fjord!

Feel like a hike and a grand view? Check out Cap Trinité and climb up to the statue at its summit. A guaranteed wow!

Lastly, Tadoussac is worth a few days' stay. Destination par excellence for whale watching, it offers several kilometers of beaches and innumerable activities, as well as good eats served up in an exceptionally relaxing decor.

Explore the Saguenay River and witness larger-than-life natural attractions at every turn!