Buying new windows? 4 things to consider

Replacing windows can be a costly venture. However, investing in a quality product up front can save you thousands down the road. Modern high-performance windows are typically designed with energy efficiency, soundproofing and longevity in mind. When making your selection, consider the following:

  • Double glazed windows - windows made with two panes of glass with space in between, not only reduces heat loss in the winter, they also prevent unwanted heat from entering during the summer. This means you’ll save on the costs of both heating and cooling your home.
  • Double glazed windows inherently do a better job of muffling noise than their single pane counterparts. If you live in an exceptionally noisy area, you may want to go the extra mile and purchase asymmetrical double glazed windows. The difference in the thickness of the two panes of glass makes it even harder for sound to travel and provides better sound insulation than traditional double glazed windows. 
  • Interior window condensation can rot wood window frames, create drafts and damage the walls of your house. Thankfully, modern windows include special materials such as silica, that absorb excess moisture that can build up between window panes. Furthermore, modern wood window frames are treated to resist mold and water. 
  • If home security is a high priority, consider impact-resistant windows. These types of windows are made with specialty laminated glass which when struck, shatters but doesn’t break. 

Modern windows offer many benefits but their energy efficiency is particularly attractive. That’s why federal and many provincial governments offer rebates and incentives to upgrade your windows which could help to save you thousands of dollars. Make sure to check if a program is available to you.