Aviva update on recent windstorm claims in Ontario and Quebec

If you need to make a claim.

Aviva is working hard to help customers in the wake of the major windstorm across parts of Ontario and Quebec. We continue to see very high call volumes and we appreciate your patience as we work to process your claim. Priority service is on the claims with the worst damage and those where further damage could occur.

Here are some tips to help your experience go more smoothly

When making a claim or following up on status, please have ready:

  1. Your contact details and the best way to reach you 
  2. Detailed description of the damage to your property – for example to your roof or fence 
  3. The name and contact info of any vendor you have engaged to inspect your damage
  4. Photos of damage and any temporary work done, as well as receipts

Safety first – you can make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, but please take care. Your personal safety is important and roofs can be dangerous. We do not recommend attempting roofing repairs on your own.

So, you’ve reported your claim, now what’s next?

Current timelines for contact

  • Adjuster contact -  5 business days
  • Premiere Supplier/Contractor – 5 business days

If you’ve already reported your claim, rest assured we are working on it. We have organized extra resources to respond to the most serious claims first and get repairs underway as quickly as possible.

If your temporary repairs are already done, we will contact you once permanent repair work can begin, which may be several weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions to help you determine what to expect

  1. I’ve not heard from my Aviva Premiere Supplier. What should I do?   

    a)    Due to the volume of claims received and shortage of trained roofers their response has been delayed. They are prioritizing their assignments and they will get to you. 

    b)    If you have the name and contact of the supplier call them directly if you need urgent temporary repairs.

  2. How long do I have to wait for my roof to be repaired?

    a)    Temporary repairs take 5-7 days

    b)    Permanent repairs will take longer to arrange and complete due to significant demand on materials & labour. Your adjuster will keep you updated on timelines once the work is underway.

  3. Will my entire roof/fence be replaced?

    a)    Repair or replacement is based on the actual damage. This is where photographs really help.

    b)    Only damaged sections of a fence will be repaired or replaced, not the entire fence.

    c)    Damaged roof slopes will be repaired or replaced.  If more than 50% of the roof is damaged we’ll consider full replacement of the roof.

    d)    Shingles of like kind and quality will be used to repair/replace where available. Colour variation may occur.

  4. What if it rains and the inside of my house gets damaged before the temporary repairs are done? Will I have to make another claim?

    a)    No, this will be considered one claim.

  5. What are my settlement options?

    a)    Ask your adjuster about these options:

        i)    Using an approved Aviva Canada Supplier
        ii)   Using a vendor of your choice – up to an agreed price
        iii)  Cash settlement

  6. I have a roofer who can do the repairs. Can I use them?

    Yes, but be sure to get a detailed estimate from a licensed roofer. Please note, only roof slopes and/or sides that were damaged can be considered for repair or replacement.

  7. I did my own temporary repairs. Will I be compensated for this?

    a)    Yes – you will be compensated at the settlement stage – it could go against your deductible, for example.

  8. Is my premium going to increase due to this storm?

    a)    Claims representatives are unable to provide advice about your premium. Please contact your broker or sales agent as they are licensed to provide this information.

  9. Am I covered to have a tree removed from my property?

    a)    We will cover removal of the tree off your home, outside structure (ie – a shed, or swimming pool, or deck or fence) to the ground, however removal of the tree debris will be your responsibly. This means in most cases a tree removal service or contractor will cut up the tree and put the wood at the edge of your property for removal. It is still your responsibility to have it taken away.

    b)   If your neighbour’s tree fell on your property please consult with your insurance adjuster. Claims such as this are almost always covered but we require information about your neighbor and their tree in order to process your claim.

  10. Do I have to pay my deductible?

    a)    Yes you do, where applicable. Some policies contain specific situations when your deductible does not apply (for instance, if the total amount of the loss is over a specified dollar value).


May 9, 2018 (Toronto, Ontario) – Since the windstorm on May 4, Aviva has received thousands of property and car insurance claims and received tens of thousands of phone calls from customers seeking our help.

For the thousands of families in Ontario and Quebec hit by this unprecedented storm, the day they hoped would never arrive came. And this is the moment when insurers step in – this places huge responsibilities on us, our number one priority is to get our customers back on their feet as soon as possible – to honor, fully and quickly, the commitments we make to our customers and provide advice and support to them when they are at their most vulnerable.

On this occasion we weren’t good enough, despite bringing in more people to work extra hours to help answers calls from our customers. We are sorry for the delays and inconvenience our customers have experienced.

We continue to do everything possible to return our customers to normal as quickly as possible, such as deploying extra resources and contractors from all over Canada to begin to repair the large number of roofs and homes that were damaged. Qualified and certified local roofing contractors reached the capacity of jobs they could take very quickly after the storm.

While our first preference is to have the ability to refer a Premier Vendor Roofing Contractor, we also encourage you - if able to - to find a qualified, licensed and insured roofing contractor. We ask that you take photos of the roof before and after the job has been completed, as well as save all documentation provided by the roofer, including estimates / quotes and invoices showing the work is completed.

We acknowledge we can learn a huge amount from this event. We often get our most valuable feedback from customers when these events happen, because that is when they truly see the value of insurance. There will always be areas we can do better in.

We appreciate your continuing patience and understanding, and know this: we will not rest until the damage done to your home or car has been repaired.

If you need to make a claim.