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Protection for the way you use your cottage...

Seasonally or year-round as a secondary home, protect your cottage from the unexpected.

…with coverage that fits your cottage lifestyle...

Coverage such as short-term rental, and damage caused by bears, raccoons, and squirrels included in every policy.

…plus policy add-ons for even more coverage

Get more protection such as coverage for wet boathouses and septic and sump pumps.

Cottage insurance in Ontario

The distinctive silhouette of birch trees, the refreshing tingle of a dip in cool waters, the cozy crackle of a campfire, the haunting call of the loon— cottaging in Ontario is a time-honoured tradition in Canada and it deserves custom protection.

A cottage policy covers…

  • Fire, theft, explosion and vandalism
  • Damage from falling objects 
  • Lightning, hail and windstorm damage 
Father and daughter sitting by a lit campfire making s’mores at their cottage

Coverage can extend beyond your cottage and cabin

  • Short-term rental protection up to 30 days
  • Docks, hot tubs and sheds, and bunkies
  • Lock replacement
  • Frozen food protection
Landscape image of a cottage on a lake

Want to know more about optional coverages?

Short term rental coverage

Coverage for loss or damage while your cottage is rented out up to 180 days, and rental income protection if your cottage can’t be rented out after a covered claim.

Septic and sump pump coverage

Coverage for direct damage caused by the back up or escape of water from a septic tank or sump pit.

Wet boathouses or wet buildings

Coverage for loss or damage to the wet boathouses or wet building.

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Dedicated claim adjusters who know cottages

Our claim adjusters are enthusiasts too. They know the coverages inside and out, and the settlement options for every policy.

Choice of top-rated vendors


Priority service with top-rated vendors to get the job done right. We work with local expert appraisers, surveyors, dealers, and repair facilities, and you always have the option to choose your own.

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Expert claim service

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Stand-alone policies

Coverage and extra built-in benefits designed for your vehicle or property on an individual policy.

Optional coverages

A variety of optional coverages for even more protection.

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