Equipment Breakdown

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Many of today’s homes have specialized electrical and mechanical systems such as home theatres, climate-controlled wine systems, and pool equipment. A typical home insurance policy does not cover for the sudden and accidental breakdown of these types of systems. Speak with your insurance broker to learn more about this coverage. If you don’t have an insurance broker, you can find one here.

Coverage highlights

Ovation’s Equipment Breakdown coverage provides up to $250,000 for the repair or replacement of these types of systems in your home. Coverage such as Additional Living Expense, Rental Income and Environmental Upgrade are also included.


You can choose a lower deductible for this coverage.

Additional Living Expense

If your home is uninhabitable due to damage from a covered claim and you have to move out while repairs are being made, we will pay for any necessary increase in living expenses including moving costs.

Environmental Upgrade

We will pay a portion of the cost to replace your equipment with one that is energy efficient, or is environment-friendly.

Rental Income

We will pay for lost rental income if the equipment breakdown happens in a part of your home that is being rented to others and your tenants have to move out while repairs are being made.

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