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An industry first, this bundle adds another layer of protection to your home insurance. The Home Protect Bundle is more than your average home insurance.

With the Home Protect Bundle, you get the Claim Prevent and Home Repair Assure coverage at a lower price than buying them individually - plus Halo Assist as an additional benefit!

Home Protect Includes*:


*The Home Protect Bundle can be added to homeowners (primary and secondary) and condominium policies underwritten by Aviva  Insurance Company of Canada, Traders General Insurance Company and Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited across Canada except Quebec where Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited is excluded. The content in this page is for information purposes only. For full terms and conditions of coverage, please speak with your insurance broker and refer to the final endorsement wording.

**They don't answer questions related to criminal, insurance and business.

†Canadian Lawyer's 2013 Legal Fees Survey, www.CanadianLawyerMag.com, June 2013,
"The Going Rate", average national rate for a lawyer with over 5 years of experience

Prevent + Fix + Assist

Claim Prevent

Provides up to $2500 towards the cost of installing an approved device to protect you from experiencing the same loss again.

Home Repair Assure

We fix minor issues for you before they cause a claim.

HALO Assist

Provides unlimited phone assistance for legal assistance, health assistance, and mortgage and real estate assistance.

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