Tending Your Home This Fall

Tending Your Home This Fall
Tending Your Home This Fall

Some people find joy in tending to their property during the autumn season; for others, it’s a nuisance. Either way, tending to your home’s outdoors is a necessary fall undertaking.   

There are several items that homeowners should include on their fall to do list, some of which are frequently overlooked. Many of the tasks do more than just make your property look nice – they help prepare your home for the harsh conditions ahead.

  1. Get your fireplace ready: To avoid fire and smoke damage make sure that the damper opens and closes properly.  If your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in over a year it might be time to call a chimney sweeper.
  2. Dispose your leaves properly: Collect your leaves in locally approved garbage bags and put them out for collection or take them to assigned dumping areas. Do not burn leaves—this is illegal in urban areas and can easily cause home fires throughout the neighborhood.
  3. Inspect your roof: Consider having your roof checked by a professional if you happen to suspect any wear and tear or notice any missing shingles - which can severely affect the roof’s effectiveness at protecting your home from damage as the weather changes. Also, make sure your roof and eaves troughs are clear of leaves and debris to keep them working effectively.
  4. Protect your pipes: Prevent plumbing freezes and pipe bursts by insulating exposed pipes and turning off their water supply when you are away.

Follow these tips for a wonderful fall and a great start to winter season.

The content in this article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as professional or expert advice.