Aviva Canada’s partnership with WWF-Canada

Working together to fight climate change and biodiversity loss

Canada is facing the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate breakdown. At Aviva Canada, we recognize that strategic partnerships with trusted organizations are vital to meeting our sustainability ambition to act now on climate change and help build stronger communities. That’s why we’re partnering with the country’s largest international conservation organization, WWF-Canada.

Nature and climate grant program: Fighting biodiversity loss and climate change

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As a presenting partner of WWF-Canada’s Nature and Climate Grant Program, we’re investing more than $2 million to help local groups and Indigenous organizations restore degraded lands and shorelines in order to improve habitats and capture carbon.

The Nature and Climate Grant Program will support projects focused on planting trees, native seeds and plants, restoring natural saltwater flows, bank stabilization and habitat creation and enhancement in coastal zones, former agricultural sites, riparian zones, wetlands and forests. 

The inaugural list of the Nature and Climate Grant Program recipients were announced in 2021. They are:

You can find out more about our partnership and the inaugural list of the Nature and Climate Grant Program recipients here.