GCS at the 2022 RIMS Canada Conference

September 11-14 | Halifax, N.S.

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The RIMS Canada Conference is one of the largest annual risk management conferences in the world and Aviva’s Global Corporate & Specialty (GCS) team will be attending this year – turning tides and connecting in person once again. 

Aviva’s GCS team attending the RIMS Canada conference – let’s connect!

Patrick Bélanger, Senior Underwriting Specialist, Manager, Casualty


Leszek Bialy, VP, Corporate Risk leszek.bialy@aviva.com
Johanne Desloges, VP, GCS Claims & National Recovery Unit johanne.desloges@aviva.com
Lynda Godon, AVP, Equipment Breakdown Insurance (EBI) lynda.godon@aviva.com
John Hastings, VP, Programs john.hastings1@aviva.com
James King, AVP, Fronting Lead


Lisa Leo, VP Operations & EBI lisa.leo@aviva.com            
Sean Linton, Senior Manager, Surety sean.linton@aviva.com
Clark Luby, Senior Manager, Strategy clark.luby@aviva.com
Melissa Mastroianni, Senior Underwriting Specialist, Property melissa.mastroianni@aviva.com
Sarah McGurk, Senior Management Liability Underwriter sarah.mcgurk@aviva.com
Scott McRiner, Senior Manager, EBI scott.mcriner@aviva.com
Shaki Mohammed, AVP, Portfolio Solutions shaki.mohammed@aviva.com
Denise Peach, National Auto Underwriting Specialist denise.peach@aviva.com
Robin Robinson, Client Relationship Manager robin.robinson1@aviva.com
Noreen Shah, Sr National Underwriting Specialist, Property noreen.shah@aviva.com
Owen Ting, AVP, Programs owen.ting@aviva.com
Paul Tsipas, AVP, Property paul.tsipas@aviva.com
Urs Uhlmann, Managing Director urs.uhlmann@aviva.com
Don Williams, AVP, National Line Lead Commercial Auto donald.williams@aviva.com
Jaime Yoon, VP, Client Relationship Management jaime.yoon@aviva.com
Rob Young, Client Relationship Manager robert.young1@aviva.com

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