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In our ongoing commitment to support our customers with the emerging challenges of business and the world at large, this story and others like “What small businesses need to know as cybercrime continues to rise” and “Pros and cons of security cameras on construction sites” offer you the insights you need to guard your capital assets and bottom line.

Vehicle theft is on the rise

According to industry data, there has been a marked increase in vehicle thefts, with certain makes and models being highly targeted. Commercial vehicles can be particularly sought after by thieves because they are:

  • Higher in value
  • Have expensive equipment and machinery attached
  • Have expensive cargo on board

What we’ve seen

In the past year, we’ve noticed a national increase in commercial vehicle theft, with Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec being particularly pronounced. The increase in thefts in 2022 so far have dramatically surpassed Aviva Canada’s totals from all of 2021.

National Claims Statistics:

  2021 2022
Bulk Fleet $660, 542 $2,722,385
Garage Auto $186,908 $709,531
Non-Fleet $1,058,524 $5,702,461
*January – October 20th, 2022

Vehicle theft prevention tips

An experienced thief can steal a vehicle in 30 seconds. To minimize the impact to your operation due to theft, ensure that you and your employees are well-trained and vigilant in theft prevention tactics and behaviours. Here are just a few preventative measures you can take to hinder any opportunities for theft:

No cost prevention

  • Park smart – Park your business vehicles in a garage, or if you are unable to, in a well-lit, highly visible parking space.
  • Don’t make it easy – Never leave company vehicles unattended while idling. Ensure the ignition is turned off, keys removed, doors locked, and windows are rolled up.
  • Train employees – Provide your employees routine training on theft prevention measures and content security processes.

Low-cost prevention

  • Build a barrier – Use a steering wheel lock to present a barrier to theft and maybe dissuade the attempt.
  • Be signal silent – Store keys away a safe distance from the public or in an aluminum/metal box. Containers, such as these, block the radio signals that thieves use to steal your vehicle. You can also consider installing a data port (OBD port) lock, which can block physical access to your vehicle’s onboard computer systems, preventing thieves from re-programming them.
  • Track it – TAG is a multifaceted anti-theft system that works to both deter and prevent vehicle theft, as well as recover your vehicle should it be stolen. TAG uses anti-jamming technology which is secure and cannot be easily intercepted by thieves.

Preventing vehicle theft is everybody’s business

Commercial vehicle theft is a significant risk that affects many and should be taken seriously. Safeguard your commercial vehicles and drivers with tools and strategies that will prevent costly ramifications to your operation, and most importantly, disruption to your customers. 

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