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In today’s changing commercial landscape, Aviva recognizes that your business doesn’t stand still — and neither should your insurance.

The Aviva Enterprise business insurance solution offers you the flexibility to customize your policy, regardless of the size or industry you belong to – and includes all locations and operations in one Property & Casualty policy. You can be confident that your coverage is adaptable and will continue to offer you the protection you need.

Built with business in mind

The Aviva Enterprise insurance policy is built on three guiding principles designed to keep your coverage simple, effective and responsive to changes to your business and in your industry. Now you can get comprehensive coverage suitable to your industry segment while having the flexibility to make changes to reflect the evolving needs of your business.

Principle One: Comprehensive base protection

The Aviva Enterprise insurance solution offers coverage that is available for any client, no matter the type of business or market segment. It includes coverage for property, general liability, business income, inland marine, equipment breakdown insurance, crime, excess liability, umbrella and non-owned auto. The policy provides progressive offerings such as environmental upgrades, building upgrades, and bodily and mental injury.

Principle Two: Industry-specific enhancements

Aviva’s claims and risk management experts have evaluated common claims and loss exposures for all types of businesses in every market. And as a result, we designed enhancements to protect you from the specific exposures that are relevant to your industry. As an added layer of protection, you can select industry-specific coverage enhancements that are flexible and fully customizable to meet the needs of your business. 

Principle Three: Business specific needs

As a business owner or risk manager, you have specific needs and considerations related to your business strategy or operating model that can be addressed in your policy. These can include expanding or diversifying your operations, increasing office locations, purchasing new equipment, or even adding primary or secondary operations that may reach across multiple segments.  With the Aviva Enterprise policy, you can tailor coverage, limits and even your deductibles to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Single policy convenience

Now you can refer to one policy for easy access and reference. 

Go to the summary page at the front of your policy document to easily view all locations and operations of your business. You can quickly reference coverage, limits and deductible. 

Comprehensive base coverage

Aviva Enterprise offers comprehensive base coverage to protect your business from losses and damage that result from unexpected events. 

  • Property

    Coverage includes:building(s), stock and equipment located on your premises as well as utility services, signs, exterior building glass. 

    Additional extensions of coverage include:

    • building upgrades 
    • environmental upgrades
    • landscaping and growing plants shrubs or flowers
    • business contents away from premises and while at employee residences  
    • valuable papers
    • accounts receivable 


    All businesses must protect themselves from the unexpected, including:

    • bodily or mental injury
    • property damage liability
    • personal and advertising injury liability
    • tenants’ property damage liability
    • voluntary medical payments
    • non-owned auto
    • legal liability for damage to rented automobiles

    Equipment breakdown

    Important systems such as computers, photocopiers, production machinery, heating and air conditioning, point-of-sale (POS) systems and refrigeration equipment are protected in case of:

    • electrical arcing
    • mechanical breakdown
    • pressure explosions
    • centrifugal force


    The product provides a broad range of crime coverages, including:

    • employee dishonesty 
    • money, securities and other property
    • counterfeit currency and money orders
    • forgery, alteration, credit cards and automated teller cards
    • electronic fraud and funds-transfer fraud
    • professional fees 
    • incoming cheque forgery

    Umbrella liability

    This insurance is not included in most commercial insurance policies, but can be added to an Aviva Enterprise policy. This extra layer of liability coverage designed to go above and beyond other liability policies, providing higher liability limits in the event of a catastrophic loss.

* The Aviva Enterprise policy is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.  The information on this website is provided to you for information purposes only. Terms and conditions apply, for exact terms, definitions, limit ations and extensions, please speak with your insurance broker for more information. Aviva and the Aviva logo are trademarks used under license by the licensor.  

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  • What is Aviva Enterprise?

    The Aviva Enterprise insurance solution offers streamlined, business insurance coverage that’s flexible for businesses of all sizes. It’s built on three principles designed to keep your coverage simple, effective and responsive to market changes and trends. It includes comprehensive base coverage, industry specific enhancements and customization for your business specific needs. All included on one policy. 


    Talk to your broker to learn more.

    How can I purchase an Aviva Enterprise insurance policy?

    Talk to your broker and ask about the Aviva Enterprise policy. 

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