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As the country’s single largest business sector, the manufacturing industry in Canada continues to be a core contributor to the nation’s economy. Comprised of many diverse operations, one of the most prominent segments in the industry is metal manufacturing.

With continuous technological advancements and new environmental regulations, many traditional metal manufacturing businesses are starting to modernize their operations. As businesses within this segment continue to evolve to meet these changing needs, the demand for flexible and tailored insurance solutions is on the rise. 

Metal Manufacturing

Aviva Enterprise Metal Manufacturing insurance offers protection for your client’s physical assets, liability exposures and employees. Whether your client produces small parts such as bolts and screws or large components such as structural steel beams, the Aviva  Enterprise policy is customizable to meet your client’s unique risk exposures. 

Coverage highlights

  • Property

    Coverage for buildings (including upgrades), exterior glass and signs, towers, renewable energy equipment, sewers and utilities above and below ground on the premises* and more.

    • business contents (including while away from premises) such as stock, equipment, electronic equipment including laptops on and off premises
    • customers’ goods
    • brands and labels
    • environmental upgrade
    • installation coverage
    • expediting expenses
    • valuable papers and records
    • precious metals or other valuable property
    • privacy breach expenses
    • transportation to cover cargo while in transit, including reefer breakdown

    Examples of coverages available to customize your client’s policy to their specific operations include:

    • automobile disablement loss of earnings  
    • moulds, dies and patterns in the custody of others
    • property being worked upon or repaired

    Equipment breakdown

    Protection for accidents to compressors, heating systems, electrical panels, electronic equipment, mechanical or electrical machines or apparatus including production machinery.

    Coverage includes:

    • ammonia contamination
    • brands and labels
    • errors and omissions
    • fluid escape
    • hazardous substances
    • research and development costs
    • computer equipment, data and media on and off premises, and at employee residences
    • environmental upgrade
    • expediting and extra expenses
    • inspection and approval costs
    • stock spoilage
    • loss of income including fines and penalties, internet service, utility service interruptions and restricted access
    • and more


    Coverage to protect your client in case of lawsuits for bodily or mental injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury liability, tenant’s property damage liability and voluntary medical payments.

    Other features: 

    • coverage territory is worldwide, provided actions are brought and adjudicated in Canada or the U.S.
    • employers’ liability for Canadian resident employees
    • pollution caused by products and 120-hour pollution coverage
    • property damage due to defective automobile repair or servicing
    • professional services errors and omissions (E&O) coverage for employees in product design or testing
    • product recall expenses
    • product rectification expenses (failure to manufacture to specifications) 
    • defective products (manufacturers’ E&O) 
    • coverage for damage to your work in progress
    • intellectual property rights infringement defence costs
    • non-owned automobile third party liability


    A broad range of coverages, including:

    • employee dishonesty
    • money, securities and other property
    • counterfeit currency and money orders
    • forgery, alteration, credit card and automated teller card
    • electronic fraud and funds-transfer fraud
    • incoming cheque forgery 
    • client or customer property

    Add even more protection

    • business and personal liability coverage
    • umbrella coverage provides an extra layer of liability coverage in the event of a catastrophic loss
    • electronic publishing errors and omissions (E&O) liability 
    • employee benefits E&O liability coverage
    • privacy breach E&O liability coverage
    • commercial auto**

    *within your property lines, areas under adjoining sidewalks and driveways, and in or on vehicles within 100m

    **commercial auto is offered on a separate policy

Focus on metal manufacturing

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