Enterprise Tool Kit

Helpful resources for you and your clients

Marketing resources

We have created a variety of engaging resources you can easily  share with you clients, prospects and team. These resources highlight the Aviva Enterprise™ insurance story to give your clients the confidence knowing Aviva is here to protect their business as it evolves.

Aviva Enterprise broker reference guide

Broker guide

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Aviva Enterprise product video

Aviva Enterprise broker video

Looking to distribute professionally printed copies of some of these resources?

Please visit Aviva Print Solutions on the homepage of partner.aviva.ca website to place an order today!

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This is a free service that is available to all Aviva brokers.

Broker resources

Get the latest on Aviva Enterprise™. You can now access a dedicated product page on partner.aviva.ca. From product brochures to content you can easily share on your company’s social platforms, Aviva is ready to provide you with the tools you need to meet the needs of your clients.


Digital marketing resources

Coverage features

Policy wordings

To access the policy wordings for Aviva Enterprise™, visit partner.aviva.ca.

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Helpful articles

Our business insurance specialists have prepared articles you can share with your clients. Check back often for new topics.  

How to ensure your growing business is properly insured

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Preparing for your insurance policy renewal

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Education and accreditation

A selection of eLearning courses are now available for you to access. These courses were designed to provide you with an overview of the Aviva Enterprise product. Once completed, you’ll receive accreditation for these courses.
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Aviva EnterpriseTM products are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.