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Insurance solutions for commercial businesses

What is Aviva Enterprise?

A streamlined, modular product that offers the flexibility to customize a policy for any business, in any segment. Your client’s business doesn’t stand still – and neither should their insurance. Be confident you’re providing your clients with the protection they need. Our underwriters and risk experts are here to work with you to build a customized solution for your clients.

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Value beyond the policy

Aviva offers more than comprehensive insurance. We provide business-related services and solutions to help position your business clients for success.


What's included?

Industry segments: ready-to-go

The Aviva Enterprise product appeals to a wide range of commercial clients. Here’s a snapshot of the industry segments that fit our appetite, where you can expect competitive pricing.

Be sure to connect with your Aviva Commercial underwriter to learn more about the classes of business we want to write in your region.


Protection for automotive businesses such as dealerships, repair shops, car washes, garages and gas stations.

Builder's Risk and Contractors

From growing contracting businesses, including those operating in demolition, HVAC, electrical and plumbing to specialty contracting, such as building raising and moving.

Business and Professional Services

Coverage for business service providers, such as consulting, engineering, financial and legal, building/property management and funeral services.

Education and Organizations

Coverage for business colleges, trade or vocational schools, daycares, driving schools and private schools.

Hospitality and Lodging

Insurance protection for resort properties, summer camps, hotels, trailer parks, restaurants and other hospitality and lodging operations. 

Manufacturing and Wholesaling

Customized coverage for a wide range of businesses and operations that manufacture building materials, medical equipment, transportation equipment and products for the food and beverage industry.


Protection for businesses in the real estate market, including high-rise condominiums, office buildings, townhouses and subdivisions.


Coverage for an array of retailer types and sizes such as cosmetic businesses, repair shops, liquor stores, drug stores, clothing stores and more.

Transportation and Logistics

Tailored coverage for businesses and operations in marinas, freight brokers and forwarders, public transit and air transportation services.

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