Aviva Business

Keep your clients moving forward

Insurance solutions for commercial businesses

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Aviva Enterprise insurance

For your small to medium-sized business clients

A streamlined, modular product that offers the flexibility to customize a policy for any business, in any segment. Your client’s business doesn’t stand still – and neither should their insurance.

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Global Corporate & Specialty solutions

For your large corporate or commercial clients

Innovative insurance and risk management solutions that go beyond expectations. Together, we make a world of difference – working with you and your clients to deliver tailor-made coverage. 

Value beyond the policy

Aviva offers more than comprehensive insurance. We provide business-related services and solutions to help position your business clients for success.


What's included?

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Aviva Cross Border Solutions

Offered in partnership with The Hartford to bring a seamless and streamlined solution to help you ensure your clients are protected on both sides of the border.


Aviva Partner

From bulletins and marketing materials, to rate manuals, applications and wordings – you’ll find everything you need to do business with Aviva on Aviva Partner.

The Aviva Enterprise policy is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.

Policies provided by Aviva’s Global Corporate & Specialty division are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. Risk Management and Claims services are provided by Aviva Canada Inc. and a network of external partners.

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