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Protect your business even more…

Extra coverage for eligible Aviva Enterprise property policyholders

…with Aviva Cyber Suite

Comprehensive cyber security insurance for your growing business

…that helps you prevent and respond to cyber security threats

With access to eRiskHub®  for help and information

Cyber Insurance

Coverages included in the Aviva Cyber Suite package are available to your Aviva Enterprise property policy, or add coverages individually.

Data compromise response expenses

Coverage that helps you respond to a privacy breach where personal information is compromised, and includes help for the reimbursement of costs such as:

  • Consultation, forensics and legal review
  • Notification to affected individuals
  • Case management services
Boat insurance covers

Computer attack

Coverage that helps pay for the costs to replace and restore your data and systems as a result of hacking, virus or malware and/or a denial of service incident. 

Cyber extortion

Coverage that helps reimburse the costs of a negotiator or investigator to facilitate and/or resolve a cyber extortion threat. 

Identity recovery

Coverage that helps pay for expenses to recover after an identity theft incident, including case management services.

Data compromise liability

Coverage that helps pay for defence and settlement costs if you're sued as a result of a breach of personal information.

Network security liability

Coverage that helps pay for defence and settlement costs if you’re sued as a result of a failure in your system’s security.

Electronic media liability

Coverage that helps pay for defence and settlement costs if you’re sued for posting information on your website that results in the infringement, defamation or a violation of the right to privacy.

What the Aviva Cyber Suite offers

Comprehensive and customizable coverage

Protection to help prevent and respond to a wide range of cyber risks.

Access to eRiskHub®


An online portal with incident response plan roadmaps, training modules, cyber risk best practices and more.

Dedicated claims service


You’ll get support from expert cyber adjusters who are IT specialists experienced with resolving cyber attacks.

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What cyber risks look like

  • Collecting, storing and retaining customer data
  • Loss of a business laptop or USB drive
  • Accidentally sending an email with personal information to the wrong address
  • Discarding physical files with personal information
Boat insurance covers

eRiskHub® is included with your purchase of Aviva Cyber Suite

The eRiskHub® is an online portal that offers information and guidance from cyber specialists on the risks and actions to take to prevent and respond to a cyber attack.

Incident response plan roadmap

Information on suggested steps a business can take following a data breach. 

Online training modules

Ready to use training on privacy best practices and red flags. 

eRisk resources

A directory to quickly find external resources on pre and post-breach disciplines, computer attack response and data recovery.

Risk management tools

Resources to help manage cyber risks. 

News center

Access to cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events and helpful industry links. 

Learning center

Learn about best practices and reports written by leading authorities. 


Do you have Aviva Cyber Suite coverage?

You can access the eRiskHub® here. 


Do you have privacy breach expense coverage?

You can access the tools and resources offered by our partner, CyberScout here. 

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