Fraud Story

Health Care or Health Cost?

Aviva Canada commenced an undercover investigation into alleged fraudulent auto insurance injury claims made via Toronto legal and health professionals after a customer stepped forward and said he was told to lie about his accident injuries.

Aviva Canada provided Toronto Police Service with video during which a chiropractor, clinic employee and paralegal were seen explaining how to illegally obtain insurance payouts. Charges were laid against each individual involved in this case and formal complaints were made to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario and the Law Society of Upper Canada. The chiropractor and the clinic employee have been sentenced in this case, both pleading guilty to all charges. The chiropractor received a six-month conditional sentence and 12-month probation order and the clinic employee a conditional discharge, 12 months of probation and a $1,500 freestanding restitution order. The paralegal’s licence was revoked by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Media release: Aviva Canada surveillance video and investigation lead to charges against Toronto legal and health care professionals