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Water protection

Protect your home and belongings from water damage

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Extensive water protection

Basic water coverage

Coverage included in every home, condo, or tenant policy.

Sewer backup

Optional coverage to protect you and your home even more.

Overland Water

Optional coverage that offers our best water protection. 

Water protection

Aviva’s water protection provides extensive coverage for your home and belongings. From basic water protection included in every policy, to optional sewer backup and overland water coverage – we have the protection you need.

Availability, eligibility, and pricing vary by province. Contact your insurance representative to find out which options are available, and the right coverage for you. 

Basic water coverage

Included in every home policy

  • Water damage caused by common issues*
  • Water damage caused by sewer backup and overland water

Sewer backup

Optional coverage

  • Water damage caused by the backup or escape of water or sewage from a sewer, septic system, or sump pump*
  • Any water damage if overland water has entered your home and you don’t have overland water coverage

Overland water

Optional coverage

  • Water damage caused by water entering your property due to:*
    • Overflow of any body of fresh water such as lakes and rivers
    • Sudden accumulation or run-off of surface waters, including torrential rainfall or spring thaw
    • Sudden and accidental entrance through basement walls, foundations or floors of ground water
  • Flood (e.g. coastal flooding from salt water, such as tsunamis and tidal waves)
  • Any intentional breaches of man-made structures (e.g. when the authorities intentionally open dams, dikes, or levees to ease the build up of water)

This optional coverage must be purchased together with sewer backup.

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Want more optional coverages?

Home protect bundle

Protect your home even more with this bundle of features. 

Service Line

Coverage to help cover the costs to repair or replace failed underground service lines on your property.

Claim protector

Protects your home insurance from being affected after your first claim. 

Green assure

Covers the cost of replacing appliances and building materials with energy efficient and environment-friendly options after a claim.

Claim prevent

Covers the cost of installing a loss prevention device after a claim to prevent it from happening again.

Disappearing deductible

Reduce your deductible every consecutive year you’re claims-free. 

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