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The Home Blog: Enrich and protect the places, people, and moments you treasure.

Close up of a water pipe

9 Dec 2022

How to prevent water leaks in your home

Lit up house on a snowy winter night

9 Dec 2022

Preventing home burglary and water damage while you escape the cold

Cables plugged into a power strip

9 Dec 2022

Prevent house fires: How can you prevent accidental fires at home

Father and son having fun and being safe with fireworks and sparklers on the beach.

27 Jun 2022

Fireworks safety tips for a safe holiday


The Auto Blog: Tips for the trips that get you there smartly and safely.

A highway sign with the amount of savings from Aviva Journey

21 Mar 2023

Signs that point to savings – How Aviva Journey drivers are earning a car insurance discount

Driving instructor teaching new driver how to drive in a car

15 Jan 2023

Car insurance for first-time drivers

Family loading luggage into a rental vehicle

15 Jan 2023

Does personal car insurance cover rental?

Driver taking business call beside parked car

15 Jan 2023

Does my personal car insurance cover business use?


The Prevention Blog: Keeping your home, car, and property safer from harm.

Yellow backhoe on dirt hill with building under construction in the background.

3 May 2023

Attention Construction Operators – Protect your vehicles and equipment from theft!

Man shaking someone’s hand across a desk.

11 Apr 2023

Beware of fake Aviva-branded investment opportunities

Male sitting at table with laptop looking reviewing paperwork

19 Jan 2023

GST/HST numbers, tax fraud, and tax evasion: What you need to know about fraud when paying invoices

Close up of a water pipe

9 Dec 2022

How to prevent water leaks in your home


The Sustainability Blog: Building stronger, more inclusive and more resilient environments and communities for a better tomorrow.

15 Aug 2022

Electric vehicles environmental impact

15 Aug 2022

Tips on buying an electric vehicle

20 Jun 2022

Insuring your electric vehicle or Hybrid

2 May 2022

How rainwater harvesting can help you save water and the environment


The Thought Leader Blog: Experts and specialists lead the way on topics from A to Z.

Woman in workplace leading team

2 Mar 2023

Embracing Equity this International Women's Day

The IBC Award Badge showcasing the 5-Star Excellence Award

8 Dec 2022

A high five to five stars

Boy jumping in field

16 Nov 2022

From claims to acclaim

Happy mature businessman attending a meeting with his team

2 May 2022

Employee wellness starts with leaders