Take Back Our Roads

Helping make Canadian roads safer for all

Take Back Our Roads is a road safety program that tackles dangerous roads and school zones across Canada to reduce serious pedestrian and driver injuries and fatalities.

We’re dedicated to keeping Canadian roads safe for children and adults – no matter how they get around. Through community projects, innovations, road safety education, and employee engagement, we’ve helped to develop new ways to improve road safety.

To us, it doesn’t matter how you get around - drive, bike, or walk. Because we all contribute to street traffic and share our roads, we all share in the responsibility to make them safer.

Elementary Road Safety Program to Protect Children

We’re committed to empowering communities and schools to identify and address risks to children and make tangible, physical environment changes to improve road safety. 

Meaningful road safety action in school zones

Aviva teams up with Parachute

Elementary Road Safety Program brings big improvements to schools

Making our roads safer through skills-based volunteering

Elementary Road Safety Program Guide

This Elementary Road Safety Guide will show you how to measure the safety conditions in your local school zone and provide recommendations on how to improve road safety standards for children

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Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator

By creating partnerships with organizations who can affect positive change, we’re advancing leading road safety initiatives, innovative products, resources, educational curriculums, and technology, so we can help all Canadians improve their traffic road safety. 

Welcome to the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator Program

Investing in innovation to make roads safer

Canada, are you ready for smarter roads?

Traffic Road Safety Resources

Discover insights, research, and tips that will help keep roads safer for all. Whether you are driving or walking, you can make a difference in creating pedestrian, driver and child safe roads.

How to: Winterize your vehicle

Staying safe on the roads this fall

Prepare your car for summer driving


Stay safe this Halloween

Get off to a safe start this year, check for outstanding safety recalls on your vehicle

A clever and simple way to save a cyclist’s life

Our collaborators

Here are some of the dedicated and passionate organizations that share our mission to make safer roads a reality for all.

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