How to report a claim and what you can expect

Your customers' lifestyle matters to us and we are committed to providing a quick response to allow them to make the most out of every season.


1. If your customer has been involved in an accident or suffered a loss, here's what you can do:

2. Please let us know what happened. Check that you have provided the correct customer contact detail and share all available information such as loss details, product detail, and date of loss.

3. Our expert claim adjusters will reach out to your customer to confirm everyone's safety and get things started immediately.

4. You can contact us anytime by calling our dedicated Lifestyle phoneline.


Our claim adjusters are cottage, RV, boat and bike enthusiasts, too. They know your customers' coverages inside and out, and the service options available for every policy. Our claim adjusters will guide your customer to top-rated vendors to get the job done right—and quickly. We work with local expert appraisers, surveyors, dealerships and repair facilities, and they always have the option to choose their own. We stay connected with your customer until the job is done and the customer is satisfied with their claims experience.


The season is short; we’ll work hard to make sure your customers get to enjoy it.

The content in this article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as professional or expert advice. For specific information about a product, or exact terms, conditions, coverage definitions, exclusions and limitations, please refer to the customer’s insurance policy wording or the latest underwriting manual on