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From antiques to modified vehicles, you’ll get customized coverage for your classic car at competitive rates. Classic car insurance is available exclusively through Insurance Brokers.

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Optional coverages

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Flatbed Roadside Assistance

We’ll send a flatbed tow truck for careful handling of antique or classic cars.

Enthusiast Essentials

Covers spare parts ($750), car covers ($500), waiver of glass deductible ($2,000)*

*Only available in BC, MB, SK and ON

Vehicles under construction and restoration*

Gradual value increases in coverage for vehicles under construction and undergoing restoration. 

*Only available in BC, MB, SK and ON

Option to retain salvage

The classic car insurance you need

With Aviva's classic car insurance, you'll get:

No costly appraisal

Our partner Hagerty® knows how to value classic vehicles using data from the world’s largest collector car database.

Expert claims handling

You can choose your own body shop and call Hagerty’s specialists to track down the right parts.

Agreed Value coverage

If your vehicle can’t be restored to its former glory, you’ll get every cent of what it’s worth with Agreed Value coverage.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on classic car insurance

My classic car is priceless to me. How do I know I'm going to get the right coverage for it?

Our partner Hagerty® knows how to value classic vehicles using data from the world’s largest collector car database. Our access to Hagerty’s expertise saves you from having to get a costly appraisal before securing your policy -- helping ensure you drive off with no more and no less insurance than you need. 

What do I get with classic car insurance that I wouldn't get with regular auto insurance coverage?

Policies are issued with Guaranteed/Agreed value, which gives you coverage for every cent your classic car is worth. And, you can add several types of protection that take care of all the fine details, such as a flatbed tow truck coverage for careful handling if you're ever stuck at the side of the road with your antique or classic. Plus you get the expertise of our partners at Hagerty, whose coverage is built just for classics and the people who love them.

Do I still need insurance if my car is in storage/off the road?

Our specialized products are already rated according to season. So, with classic car insurance coverage from Aviva, you can coast with confidence knowing your policy is tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Is my car only covered for car shows and at home, or can I take it on vacation?

Over and above parades and classic car events, you can take your vehicle for an occasional pleasure drive knowing our protection goes with you across Canada and the U.S., 24/7/365.

Do I have to use the repair shop you send me to if my car's damaged?

No, you can use your own body shop if you prefer. And, the specialists at Hagerty are always a phone call away if you need help to track down rare parts for your vehicle.

How much will you pay to replace my vehicle if it can't be fixed after a claim?

For classic car insurance, if your vehicle can’t berestored to its former glory, you get every cent of what it’s worth with Guaranteed/Agreed Value Coverage – with no depreciation.

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