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Whether it’s a four-wheeler, snowmobile or dirt bike, you’ll get customized coverage for your ATV at competitive rates. Off-road vehicle insurance is available exclusively through Insurance Brokers.

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Optional coverages

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Accident benefits and rescue expense coverage*

*Liability, Medical and Search and Rescue coverage underwritten by Lloyds

Excess liability coverage up to $2 million*

*Liability, Medical and Search and Rescue coverage underwritten by Lloyds

Choose either All Perils or comprehensive coverage

Increased coverage limits for trailers / truck decks and riding gear

The ATV insurance you need

With Aviva's off-road vehicle insurance, you'll get:

Agreed Value coverage

You’ll get the amount you insured it for when you took out your policy.

Broad coverage

Protection for trailer or truck decks, riding gear and everything you carry for safety and maintenance. 

Travel protection/loss of use

You’re covered for travel costs along with expenses while your vehicle
is out for repair. 

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on off-road vehicle insurance

What does my off-road vehicle policy cover?

All policies include: 

  • Coverage for All Risks or Specified Perils 
  • Agreed Value coverage
  • $1,000 coverage for trailers or trucks, and decks
  • $1,000 coverage for riding gea
  • Lock re-keying (when keys are stolen)
  • $250 coverage for safety and maintenance equipment
  • No restrictions if the vehicle is stolen

Are the personal items and gear that I travel with on my ATV covered, or just my vehicle?

Yes, you are automatically covered for trailer or truck decks, riding gear and everything you carry for safety and maintenance. Plus, there’s additional coverage available for higher-end accessories.

How much will you pay to replace my vehicle if it can't be fixed?

Agreed Value coverage is automatically included in your ATV policy, so if your off-road vehicle is totaled in an accident, you get the amount you insured it for when you took out your policy.

What if I have a claim and need to stop and stay somewhere unexpectedly while my vehicle is being fixed, is that covered too?

If you run into trouble, you’re covered for travel costs and expenses while your vehicle is out for repair. We’ll even pay to replace lost or broken keys.

Besides the vehicle, is anything else covered if I have an accident?

You can add optional coverage to get more extensive protection, like market-leading medical benefits, roadside rescue and up to $2 million liability for injuries and damage*.

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Enjoy Standard features and choose from the optional types of coverage.