VIDEO - Fireworks safety

Father and son having fun and being safe with fireworks and sparklers on the beach.

Fireworks are beautiful and are enjoyed as a celebration for holidays and events. But they are dangerous explosive devices that need to be handled with care and caution. The improper use of fireworks can result in serious injury and damage to nearby properties. If you do decide to light your own, take the proper safety precautions by following these tips:


  • Purchase your fireworks from a reliable vendor.
  • Always store fireworks out of children’s reach and keep them away from the area where you are lighting them off.
  • Ensure there is a bucket of water or hose nearby.
  • Set fireworks off in an open space away from buildings, homes,  dry fields, wooded areas or parks.
  • Use a good firing base and never light a firework in your hand.
  • Stand 25 feet away.
  • Never attempt to reignite fireworks – even if they haven’t gone off.
  • Immerse fireworks in water or sand before disposing.  

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