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A. Vogel - Bambu Coffee Substitute

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A. Vogel - Bambu Coffee Substitute

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Bambu Swiss Coffee Substitute - Available in your choice of natural or organic; instant or ground/filter. Bambu is prepared from grown roasted fruits and cereals. With no caffeine, Bambu is a delicious alternative to coffee.

Traditional coffee can in some cases contain contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides which are commonly sprayed on coffee bean fields. Bambu gives you the satisfying taste of coffee without the caffeine, bitterness or the contaminants. Made in Switzerland from chicory, figs, wheat, malted barley and acorns, Bambu delivers a velvety smooth flavour. Bambu is traditionally used as a hot beverage, to be added to boiled water or hot milk, but it is equally good as a cold "café latté" drink ... one sip will convince you!

Info:  200g Natural / 100g Organic / 500g Filter
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Aviva customer review:

I've tried them all and there is absolutely nothing that comes close to replacing coffee for me as does BAMBU FILTER, which is brewed like coffee, but with none of the caffeine. However, to get the best results one MUST let it brew four to five minutes before filtering. I use a Melita-type plastic filter holder which I place over my cup with a filter inserted, and through which I pour the brewed product. I then reheat it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so to get it back up to a proper drinking temperature, and for powdered creamer to fully dissolve. I know it's difficult to imagine, but the result TASTES BETTER THAN COFFEE! I love it. Thanks A.Vogel and Aviva.

- Mike, Corvallis, Oregon

Bambu Organic058854440060 - Bambu Coffee Substitute - Instant (Original/Natural) - 200g (~120 Cups).

058854440084 - Bambu Instant Organic Coffee Substitute - 100g (~65 Cups). Bambu is an entirely water soluble aromatic coffee substitute made from organically grown fruits and cereals. It contains no coffee beans and is therefore caffeine free. Bambu can be enjoyed in the evening without risking sleeplessness. It is the ideal coffee substitute for people suffering from nervousness, high blood pressure or stomach problems. It is also suitable for children and pregnant woman.

Dissolve 1 teaspoonful of Bambu in a cup of hot water or milk and stir. Tip: Bambu is delicious in dessert recipes.

Bambu Filter058854440077 - Bambu Filter Organic Ground Coffee Substitute - 500 g (~83 Cups). 100% organic. Bambu's well-blended ingredients give it a sensational flavour and aroma that replicates the qualities of real coffee beans.

Prepare Bambu filter as you would regular coffee: pour boiling water on the grains. Use one teaspoon of Bambu per cup of water. The longer the grains are immersed, the stronger the aroma will be. Bambu is delicious, especially with milk or cream. Tip: If you are reluctant to switch to a natural coffee substitute, try starting by using half a cup of regular coffee with half a cup of Bambu.

Ingredients: Chicory, figs, wheat, malted barley and acorns.

Suggested Usage: Dissolve one teaspoon in a cup of hot water or milk to provide an instant hot drink. For a refreshing cold drink, mix a teaspoon of Bambu with a little hot water and add cold water, ice or milk.

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