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BioPodz - Performance Insole System

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BioPodz - Performance Insole System

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If you have sore, tired, and aching feet - or even back, leg, or hip fatigue - the cause might be the shoes you wear, even if they are expensive and marketed for their stability, balance, and support; indeed, many such shoes merely reinforce muscular laziness and atrophy rather than exercising and strengthening optimal foot function. In particular, one of the faculties not exercised by such shoes is proprioception, the foot's capacity to sense and adapt to the changing environments and pressures it encounters. This in turn can negatively affect leg, back, and hip health. BioPodz from Advanced Barefoot Technologies are a response to this problem; by allowing for exercise of the foot's proprioceptive capacity, these shoe inserts don't simply reinforce an already extant problem, but stimulate your body's own mechanisms for maintaining optimal foot health.
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Sizing (The company supplies the first US size series, and we have added approximate European Union [EU] size equivalencies) (and Product Codes)

Size D - Youth 3 to 4.5 / Women 5 to 6.5 / [EU~35-37] - (UPC 628233790132)
Size E - Youth 5-7 / Women 7 to 8.5 / Men 6 / [EU~37-39] - (UPC 628233790149)
Size F - Women 9 to 10.5 / Men 8 to 9.5/ [EU~39-40, possibly all the way up to 42]  - (UPC 628233790156)
Size G - Men's sizes 10 to 11.5 / [EU~43-44] - (PLU 20144)
Size H - Men 12 to 13.5 / [EU~45-46] - (UPC 628233790170)
Size I - Men 14-16 / [EU~47-49] - (PLU: 20146)

With three different sets of Podz (the ovals which insert into the opening of the insole, around the arches) and a shoelace guide, this product may seem daunting compared to other shoe inserts, but the BioPodz system is really quite simple to use, and its seeming complexity is only due to the fact that people’s feet, footwear, and activities differ, so it’s necessary to provide a range of options to accommodate a variety of intended uses.
Podz vary to provide varying amounts of resistance pressure on your arches depending on the shape of the shoe and the intensity of exercise/use, and multiple options allow you to choose the pair that works most comfortably for you. And while you will generally use the same Podz inserts for any given shoe once you have found a match, you may find that you need to use different Podz for different shoes, or even for different uses, such as more intense exercise or different types of sport. Simply experiment with the varying levels of firmness; the Performance model includes three levels ranging as follows from more firm to least firm: D2, R1, and R2. It also includes a shoelace guide to ensure you are not tying your laces too tightly, which restricts the natural movement of the foot and limits the functionality of the Podz.

Rehabilitate and Strengthen With Each Step

Reinforcement Layer: Reinforced heel and forefoot for added durability.

Customizable Insole: Trimmable to 3/4-length for shoes without removable insoles.

Dynamic Arch Reflex Technology: Patent pending Dynamic Arch Reflex Catalyst, Stabilizer Ring, and Insole Body designs.

X-link EVA Foam Insole Material: Made from proprietary EVA foams for exceptional durability with anti-odor, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

PolyreFlex Podz Material: Made from proprietary Polyolifin for exceptional resilience and durability with anti-odour, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Emtex Stealth Top Sheet: Durable high performance fabrics with Ultra-Fresh Silpure antimicrobial treatment (Ultra-Fresh Silpure helps control foot odor and promotes foot health better than other antimicrobials).

Reinforcement Layer: Reinforced heel and forefoot for added durability.

Leather Top Sheet: Durable high performance perforated calf skin top sheet is available on premium models.

BioPodz Technologies Redefine Foot Care and Footwear Paradigms

BioPodz technologies, based upon proven musculoskeletal rehabilitation and performance enhancement principles, retrain, rehabilitate, and enhance optimal foot health and function.

Conventional supportive and cushioning foot care products (insoles and orthotics) and footwear designs actually inhibit optimal foot function and are the leading cause of foot-related problems.

* BioPodz products safely address the cause as well as the symptoms of most foot-related problems.
* Clinically proven effectiveness – BioPodz products can be helpful in rehabilitating and preventing foot problems as well as in enhancing athletic performance capabilities.

Highly Differentiated "Breakthrough" Technologies (Patents Pending)

BioPodz technologies are incorporated into a revolutionary foot insole system (for use in existing footwear) and proprietary footwear designs offering a rehabilitative performance enhancing alternative to conventional products.

* Dynamic Arch Reflex Technologies stimulate and optimize the body's natural protective reflexes, to form and maintain a strong and stable arch/foot/ankle system, and rehabilitate the atrophied maladapted structure caused by prolonged use of conventional products and footwear.
* ReGen Technologies stimulate the body's natural formation of robust soft tissue in the heel and forefoot areas (sometimes called "fat pads") and rehabilitate the atrophied soft tissue caused by prolonged use of conventional products and footwear.
* BioFlex Footwear Designs work with the foot to facilitate optimal natural mechanics, thereby enhancing the rehabilitative process, performance capabilities, and comfort, rather than attempting to artificially support or control the foot, which limits its capabilities.
* Proprietary Materials and Manufacturing Processes ensure optimal performance for the life of the products. Conventional materials break down quickly, which can contribute to foot dysfunction.
* Abundant Product Applications include fashion, function, and sport specific.

Warnings: Please note that personal items including clothing and insoles are final sale, as they cannot be resold as new.

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