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FitBit Charge/HR - Activity & Sleep Wristband

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FitBit Charge/HR - Activity & Sleep Wristband

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Please note that the Fitbit Force model (information below) is no longer available due to a recall by the manufacturer. New models are in development, likely to be released in 2015. New Fitbit models may include the Fitbit Charge/HR, Fitbit Surge and Fitbit PurePulse. Sign up to be notified when the new Fitbits become available in Canada.

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Canadian S&H Included (US delivery unavailable). Push yourself further with Force. The Fitbit Force wireless personal trainer accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout your day.  At night, track your sleep and wake up silently with a vibrating alarm. Fitbit tracks your motion and converts the data into useful information about your daily activities. It's simple and automatic. A powerful Force for everyday fitness, this sleek wristband is with you all the time. The latest model from Fitbit, Force helps you stay motivated to keep moving with real-time stats right on your wrist.

Info:  FitBit Fitness, Sleep & Nutrition Tracker


Product Notes: 

Fitbit Canada

Track your daily activity and sleep. Wireless and automatic syncing. See real-time progress across devices. Beat your goals.

(From the Video): It's a new day to make every moment count and to stay active with FitBit Force. This advanced device tracks your daily activity while synching your progress automatically in realtime to FitBit's mobile and online tools. It's all about knowing yourself. Seeing your stats motivates you to reach your fitness goals, make healthier choices, challenge your friends, or push yourself to be a more fit, healthier you.

Includes: Fitbit Force tracker, wireless sync dongle, charging cable, free fitbit.com membership (includes the ability to log and track activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight, and more), access to free mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Sizing Options: SMALL: 5.5"-6.9" (140-176 mm).
LARGE: 6.3"-8.2" (161-209 mm).
WIDTH: 0.76" (19.2 mm).
Most women are happy with a small size. Most men are happy with a large size. Download Sizing Tool (PDF).

Colour Options: Black and Slate.

Track your fitness trends on your personal Fitbit dashboard for free.

Take advantage of an arsenal of free online and mobile tools (unlike some other products, no subscription fee is required for Fitbit data). Set goals on your personal dashboard and track your progress over time through easy-to-read graphs and charts. Use the Fitbit App for iPhone and Android to motivate yourself to reach your daily and long-term targets.Fitbit Trainer Canada

Track it. See it. Beat it. Force gives you instant access to up-to-the-minute stats through the OLED display. With fitness stats right on your wrist, you donít have to look far for motivation to keep moving. Our leading-edge accelerometer and altimeter use advanced technology to track your unique, personal data ó reflecting your stats, not any average Joe's.

Sleep well. Wake peacefully. Wear this comfortable wristband overnight to track how long and how well you sleep. Then wake up peacefully with Silent Wake technology, a vibrating alarm that wakes you at your desired time without disturbing your partner. Use online charts of your sleep patterns over time to learn how to get a better nightís sleep.

How does sleep tracking work and what will I learn? It's very important that you get a good night's sleep. Recent studies have shown that sleep quality is linked to overall wellness. Have you ever wondered why you still feel tired even though you think you've gotten a full eight hours of sleep? The Fitbit Tracker allows to actually "see" what your body is really doing at night. When you go to bed, simply fit the Tracker onto the included wristband. As you fall in and out of sleep throughout the night, the Fitbit tracks the movements your body makes and can tell you how long it actually took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, and the actual time you were asleep vs the time you were just lying in bed.

Syncing -- Wireless sync to PC & Mac: Fitbit trackers are the first all day activity trackers to offer Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, delivering real-time stats to your smartphone or computer without you doing a thing. Syncing occurs automatically any time Force is within about 20 feet of the wireless sync dongle and relatively motionless. The dongle plugs into your Mac or PC's USB port. Syncing and uploading require use of the free Fitbit Connect application. Syncing the Fitbit Force to your smartphone or tablet requires Bluetooth 4.0. allowing your Force to sync wirelessly and automatically with a wide range of iOS and Android devices.

Fitbit Trainer Canada

Did I get enough exercise today? How many calories did I burn? Am I getting good rest?

Fitbit is dedicated to helping you lead a healthier, more active life. We focus on a common sense approach to fitness, and believe that the key is to make it easier for you to be more active, eat smarter, and get enough quality sleep ó in short, implementing small changes to your daily routine can add up to big results. 

Fitbit Trainer Canada

Warnings: Please note we are only able to ship Fitbit within Canada.

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