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WonderMill - Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill Deluxe

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WonderMill - Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill Deluxe

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Please note this product is no longer available at Aviva. See models from Komo. The World's Best Hand Grain Mill -- Wonder Junior Grain Mill -- It's a pretty big claim to call your product "The World's Best." But we know that after you have used the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill that you will agree. For years hand grain mills have either been really cheap or really expensive. And unfortunately their ability to perform has been directly related to their cost. The cheap ones perform poorly and the expensive ones perform great. When we designed the Wonder Junior Deluxe we set out to create the perfect storm in hand grain mills. And we wanted the versatility and high quality of the most expensive mills in a price range that was affordable to the homemaker. We found the perfect storm with the Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill.

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Video Transcription Below

The Wonder Junior is the highest quality most versatile hand mill available. You can create super fine flour or coarse cracked grains for cereals. By simply swapping the stone heads for the stainless steel burr heads you can make delicious peanut butter or other nut butters, you can grind flax or any other oily or wet grains, you can grind herbs and spices, soy beans, and legumes. And you can even grind fresh coffee. In all these applications you are assured to always have the perfect fresh nutritious ingredients for your family even if the power is out. Professionals agree that the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is THE handmill to own.

There are a few accessories that are included with this Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill that do not come with the standard Wonder Junior Basic including the table mount (keeps your mill very securely attached to your table/counter), flour guide (reduces dust and mess), cleaning brush, and the stainless steel burrs (for increased grinding versatility ideal for oily foods and items with high moisture content like seeds and nuts).

Aviva Customer Review: Really like the hand crank ... great tool for small amounts.

A. Aime -- Ontario

Features and Versatility: The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has amazing features at a very reasonable price. The whole mill is powder-coated making it safe to wash for easy clean up. The hopper is large and holds over one quart. The octagon shape of the hopper makes it easy to fill. And because the Wonder Junior is one-piece construction you don't have to worry about the hopper coming off during milling like many other hand grain mill models. One of the greatest features of the Wonder Junior is its heavy-duty patented double clamp. It attaches to tables or counters up to 2 inches thick. And once you clamp it down it never moves like other hand grain mills on the market that loosen up and shift around while turning the handle. The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill uses extra large lifetime lubricated bearings and it has a heavy base that can be bolted to any table or counter.

The Wonder Junior has options like no other hand mill. The stone heads are one-third thicker than the competition which results in a smooth operation and a lifetime of use. In seconds, the high-quality stainless steel burr heads can be put on the Wonder Junior for milling wet or oily grains. This "World's Best Hand Grain Mill" has the capacity to perform big jobs. You don't have to worry about overloading the Wonder Junior because it is heavy-duty. It is the most versatile hand mill available. The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill will grind wheat, rice, other small grains. It will also grind legumes and beans as large as garbanzos. Furthermore, it will also grind oily seeds, nuts, herbs, and coffee.

Ease of Use: The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is extremely easy to use. You simply load the easy-fill hopper, turn the handle, and you'll get flour. There are no small parts or gaskets to misplace. And cleaning the Wonder Junior is quick and easy.

Peace of Mind: For added peace of mind, a Limited Lifetime Warranty is included with every Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill from the company which has been making quality electric mills for over ten years.

Video Transcription (View Above)

Today, I want to introduce you to the world's best hand mill, from the WonderMill Company, the Wonder Junior Deluxe. We know it's a big claim to call our mill the best. But after you watch this video, I know you'll understand why the world is saying it is the best.

Up until the creation of the Wonder Junior Deluxe, you had two options in hand mills: either really cheap, or really expensive. In this choice, you really did get what you paid for. The cheap ones performed poorly, and the expensive ones performed great. When we designed the Wonder Junior, we looked at every mill on the market, and every feature that they had.

Our goal was to create the perfect storm in hand mills. With the design, we insisted on high quality and versatility combined with a price that was affordable to the average consumer. After over a year of research and development, we found the perfect storm with the USA-patented Wonder Junior Deluxe.

I want to take a few minutes and show you why professionals, hard-core survivalists, and home users are raving about this mill, and why the reviews keep coming in so extremely high week after week on the Wonder Junior Deluxe. Our number one requirement in designing a mill was that it had to be high quality. It had to outlast its owner. So, we started with the basic structure of the mill and designed this strong, thick, unibody, I-beam construction.

The Wonder Junior unibody is made of high quality aircraft aluminum, with super strong epoxy coating. So, it's light and easy to clean, but almost indestructible. The heavy-duty unibody has a lifetime warranty. That means, simply, that it's guaranteed not to break for as long as you own it. It doesn't get any better than that.

The next challenge we had was to design a feed system that would feed all types of grains -- beans, spices, nuts and more. It had to feed aggressively and yet still allow a child to turn it. After many different design attempts, we came up with what we call the Sure Flow auger. Its heavy-duty stainless steel construction, combined with the multi-tined feed bar, makes the Wonder Junior Deluxe the fastest hand mill on the market today, while also allowing it to feed oily things like flax, coffee, and even nuts. Most hand mills on the market cannot grind any of those.

Along with the Sure Flow auger, it was critical for us to choose between the two types of bearings used in hand mills today. We had to decide between heavy-duty, lifetime lubricated, brass sleeve bearings or heavy-duty ball bearings. Both of these have their strengths. After much research, we decided to use two heavy-duty, lifetime lubricated sleeve bearings. We chose these because of their resistance to liquids. Because the mill can grind nuts and oily grains, it is necessary from time to time to wash the mill. Once you expose ball bearings to liquids, they'll begin to rust and corrode, causing them to fail, and then your mill would be useless. This can be a big problem in mills using ball bearings, whereas heavy-duty, lifetime lubricated, brass sleeve bearings can be fully immersed in your sink water for cleaning. Our large bearings are warrantied for as long as you own the mill.

In our design process, one of the most important requirements was it had to be easy to set up, and it had to be easy to use. We didn't want any plastic parts, and we didn't want separate plastic hoppers. The Wonder Junior is the easiest mill on the market to set up. Its patented double clamp has the strongest grip, and because of its large powder-coated surface area, it won't harm your counter or table, like many of the single clamp mills will.

WonderMill Junior Hand Mill

Also, once both posts are tightened down, this hand mill is guaranteed to stay put. Unlike the competition, the Wonder Junior clamp is so awesome and so stable that recently the makers of one of the most expensive hand mills on the market copied it as closely as possible without infringing on our patent. We took this as one of our greatest compliments, knowing that even the makers of the most expensive mills absolutely loved our design.

The Wonder Junior is the easiest mill to clean. Simply unclamp your mill from the counter, remove the milling heads, take it to your kitchen sink, and using the cleaning brush, you can easily clean it out with running water. Remember, don't do this with ball bearing type mills. Putting them in water can ruin them.

The Wonder Junior is the easiest mill to use. With the Wonder Junior's quick change head system, it's simple and fast to switch from grinding dry grains and legumes to grinding oily grains, coffee and even nuts in just minutes. Nothing is more simple than that.

The last thing is the ease of coarse to fine adjustment. The Wonder Junior Deluxe is simple and quick. Turn the heavy-duty, nylon adjustment knob tighter for fine pastry flour or loosen to get super coarse cracked cereal or wonderful grits. It's easy and fast. As we told you, ease of use was critical in our design goals, and no mill is easier to set up and use than the Wonder Junior Deluxe.

Another design requirement was to create the fastest hand mill on the market with very few limitations. Some of the most expensive mills on the market can only produce dry flour. They cannot grind oily grains or make nut butters or grind coffee. Most of the cheaper mills cannot grind beans or popcorn, and for sure, they cannot grind oily grains or nuts. With the Wonder Junior's Sure Flow auger, and the combination of stone and milling heads and stainless steel burr heads, the things that the Wonder Junior can do are almost limitless.

By using the stone heads, you can produce superfine pastry flour to course breakfast cereal, and wonderful grits. And with a quick change to the stainless steel burr heads, you can grind the freshest coffee you want, and in just minutes, you can turn around and be grinding fresh, wholesome peanut butter, almond butter, and almond flour, as well as fresh flax meal and more. Grinding your own spices is a breeze. Most mills can grind flour, but with the Wonder Junior Deluxe, your options are limitless.

Most hand mills can only be powered by hand. The few that can be motorized are so expensive to motorize that it would more economical and more efficient to purchase a separate electric mill. We designed the Wonder Junior with two options for motorizing: number one, the motorizing pulley. The Wonder Junior can be powered from many different sources, from bicycle, to electric motor, and more. Simply remove the handle, replace it with the large 12-inch pulley, and use your choice of power. Number two, the drill bit adapter, simply remove the handle, insert the drill bit adapter into a half-inch drill or larger, slide the adapter onto the auger shaft, and turn on the drill for easy, fast milling. No other mill gives you the option of using your own electric drill to power your mill. When the power is out, you'll have the best hand mill on the market, and with our drill bit adapter, you'll have an easy to use electric mill. Nobody does it better than WonderMill.

Last, but not least, on our list of design requirements was speed and cost. Because of the Sure Flow auger and the advanced design of the stone milling heads and the stainless steel burr heads, the Wonder Junior is the fastest hand mill on the market. It is so much faster than the cheap mills and will dramatically outperform the most expensive mills. You can see links to the speed test videos at the end of this video.

You don't always get what you pay for in the hand mill market, but with a Wonder Junior Deluxe, you get way more than you'll pay for. Nothing beats the Wonder Junior Deluxe, not even mills that cost twice as much. Here's a cost comparison to show you the extreme value of the Wonder Junior Deluxe. The Wonder Junior Deluxe retails for under $240. In order to get all the features that come standard with the Wonder Junior Deluxe, you would spend three times as much for the GrainMaker Flour Mill, and with the Country Living Flour Mill you would spend over twice as much and still not be able to grind oily grains or nuts.

For centuries, consumers have chosen the best mills to provide their families the most nutritious foods. Now, with the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill, for a minimal cost, you can be prepared for future calamities, and you can also be using your mill daily to provide inexpensive, highly nutritious foods for your family. Wonder Junior Deluxe, the perfect storm of hand mills.

Adjustment Knob Tutorial

Hi. I'm John from the WonderMill. One of the questions that we get a lot is, "How do I get different coarsenesses and finenesses from my stones on the Wonder Junior Deluxe?" So I just want to take a minute quickly to show you how easy it is and how we do it.

What I typically do when we're grinding flour to set up my first grind, or to adjust, is I put the stones on, and then I turn this knob until you can hear the stones barely touching. Not tight, you want them to just barely touch. That's going to be kind of a fine fitting.

After that, then I add my grain. So you can fill it up however full you want. But at that point, what's easy to do at that point is to test it. Okay? So you grind a little bit of flour into your hand. Feel it. Now that's going to be a little bit coarse. So, to tighten it, one of the easiest ways to tighten it is to turn it backwards, and you'll feel that it's super easy to tighten it. If you want to do it a little more, you can do it, and turn it backwards and then adjust the knob tight. Now go forward, and again test your flour. Now, what you'll notice I have here is a very fine bread flour. I can actually go just a little bit tighter if I wanted a pastry. Tighten it up a little bit more and then I'll test my flour. Now I have a super fine - you can see that, it's almost like talcum - pastry flour.

One thing I want to remind everybody of is that if this is your first experience with grinding whole wheat, some people get confused and are expecting like a white all-purpose flour when they get done grinding. Now if you're trying to get a white all-purpose flour out of whole wheat, you're not going to get it because there's always all the good stuff left in your whole wheat - your bran, your middlings, all the oils, everything that's good. So you're always going to have a little bit rougher texture than you would with white flour that's had everything taken out of it. But let me just show you now, so we've got a very fine flour. Now one other thing to remember is the tighter you make this, the finer pastry-type flour you make, the harder it is to turn, and hand mills do require effort. But still, on a super-fine pastry flour, you can still turn it quite easily, but it does require effort.

Now, I'm going to show you how quickly you can change to a cracked cereal type of a grain. Simply adjust your knob backwards, and again, test it. You can hear it getting rough. You can hear it getting coarser. I'm going to loosen it up even more. Now you can see the flour is starting to get coarser so if you wanted to get to like a cereal, you're starting to see the chunks of the grains in there. Now, if you want like a grits or even a cracked cereal, loosen it a little more and now you can see that's a very nice cracked cereal. Easy consistency, easy to turn, and that makes a fantastic porridge or cereal or something to put in your breads.

Again, you can keep going. That's how you get so coarse that it's hardly even doing anything. There you go. See that's barely, barely affecting the grains. So with the Wonder Junior, you have a wide variety of grains and coarsenesses and finenesses that you can adjust. It's as simple as adjusting your knob tighter or looser.

Hope this helps you and that you get great service and satisfaction out of your hand mill.

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