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Orthaheel - Biomechanically Designed Orthotic Insoles

Orthaheel helps to relive heel and foot pain. Stylish footwear and insoles with podiatrist-designed technology, Orthaheel is supported by science, and proven by customer satisfaction.

Orthaheel Canada

Foot and heel pain is a serious issue for many people, with the potential to affect many aspects of daily life. When every step is met with pain or burning sensations, sufferers can in some cases be unable to work or carry on with their normal activities. While anti-inflammatory medications can in some cases reduce pain, this approach is only treating the symptoms, while doing nothing to alleviate the actual problem. Addition, these medications may have harmful side-effects and can cause havoc in the digestive system. The longer one takes these drugs the greater the chance of irritation, ulceration and even perforation due to the effects on the lining of the esophagus and stomach lining. It is important to know that natural, no-nonsense approaches to resolving foot pain are available.

Heel and foot pain can be caused by a variety of issues. A common contributor to almost all of these ailments is poor gait. The most common issue is pronation of the foot when walking. Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Morton's neuroma and achilles pain are all different conditions that can result due to poor gait. Identifying the root cause of foot pain is important in that this helps the sufferer understand why exactly their feet hurt and can help identify strategies for treating the pain, resolving the problem and preventing reoccurrences.

Orthaheel products are designed by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. He has conducted and reviewed clinical and practical research to develop these unique orthotics that help people improve their gait, by realigning how ones walks, adjusting the gait to a more natural state. The tri-planar motion control system provides solid support and stability. These products can help to correct pronation, provide shock-absorbing properties, and restore a natural gait.

These claims have been backed up by solid clinical research. Physical therapists from around the world have trialed the Othaheel products, and found pain relief and pronation reduction. The trial was so effective that 90% of those who participated reported total relief from heel and knee pain after twelve weeks. The devices have received the American Podiatric Medical Association's seal of acceptance. This prestigious group has approved eight Orthaheel products.

The Orthaheel inserts can be used in any shoe. These orthotics are designed to target specific needs such as running, shock absorbing and are available in a variety of models from a heel cup to a full length orthotic for both men and women. For those who don't prefer inserts, Orthaheel has a full line of shoes. Sneakers, sandals and even slippers are available with the Orthaheel technology integrated directly into the shoe.

Walk Pain Free Guarantee

Orthaheel is confident these inserts and shoes will help bring you pain relief from foot, ankle and other lower leg pains resulting from over-pronation.

Orthaheel Pronation Aches and Pains

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